I’m a fit gym girl – people claim I ‘wear revealing clothes for male attention’ but I just like checking out my body | The Sun

I’m a fit gym girl – people claim I ‘wear revealing clothes for male attention’ but I just like checking out my body | The Sun

A GYM queen who is not afraid to wear a figure-hugging workout kit wants to change dated attitudes.

Despite what people think, she doesn’t do it to attract a male gaze.

Instead, TikToker Sarah (@gym_rat_sarah) has devoted many hours, days, and months to achieving the toned body she has today – for herself.

She says, if she can wear skimpy workout gear and feel good, then that’s a win.

This gym queen is irritated that people jump to conclusions when they see what she wears.

She drives her point home in her latest video.

In it, she is wearing tight white gym tights and a midriff-revealing red sports top.

“Girls who wear revealing clothes to the gym just do it for the male attention,” she states sarcastically as she lifts and pulls weights.

It is followed by a movie clip of a girl desperate for a guy’s attention – but he barely sees her.

It is captioned: “The girlies – male attention.”

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"Get a grip, guys," Sarah seems to suggest.

Comfortable in her own skin, she knows she looks good and is enjoying the moment.

If that means checking out her own reflection and liking what she sees, so be it.

Her channel produces, “Gym content and a little bit of everything.”

But there is far more to her workout than just the physical.

Sarah regards her weight sessions as “gym therapy.”

And there are many other reasons to go to the gym, she says, that aren’t about looks.

“It decreases stress, improves sleep, boosts confidence, and you meet new people,” were just some of the reasons.

Her platform has a large following – 16.7k followers and another 175k likes – and her attitude chimed a bell with many.

“If it makes you feel good about yourself, do it. We don’t owe anybody justification for what makes us happy,” was the supportive words of one fan.

Another offered some perspective: “Same can say for guys wearing stringers/tanktops.”

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“I am a man I want to give you attention,” was the honest view from one follower.

Finally, keep doing what you’re doing said one viewer: “Do what makes you feel comfortable.”

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