I'm a fertility doctor & here are five things I would NEVER let my partner do – including putting his laptop on this lap | The Sun

I'm a fertility doctor & here are five things I would NEVER let my partner do – including putting his laptop on this lap | The Sun

A FERTILITY doctor explained the five things she wouldn't let her husband do, as they could affect his chances of having children.

The pregnancy professional gave a break down of the behaviours that she would encourage men to avoid at all costs.

These included sitting with a laptop on your lap and smoking cigarettes.

Taking to Instagram, Doctor Natalie Crawford said: "What five things would I never have my partner do as a fertility doctor?

"Number one. Smoke cigarettes. It absolutely is terrible for your sperm.

"Number two, use marijuana. This one I know is controversial but it decreases both the production of sperm from the brain impact and the shape of the sperm.

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"Number three, sit with a laptop on your lap. The heat actually increases the temperature of the testies.

"They're outside the body for a reason and that can cause an increase in abnormally shaped sperm.

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"Number four, would never have them consume a lot of processed meat.

"Processed meat has a has a lot of chemicals in it and that is absolutely really bad for the sperm.

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"And number five, use testosterone or anabolic steroids.

"Testosterone is essentially birth control control shots for men and so many people will put somebody on testosterone to help their fatigue or low but it kills your sperm.

"You'll have no sperm for months or years after use. Now you know."

Fellow Instagrammers were quick to comment on the informative video, which racked up more than 210k likes.

One person said: "PREACH ABOUT #5!!!!! We found out the hard way and were reassured by the doctor who administer the T over and over that it wouldn’t affect male fertility. #baloney"

Another said: "Good to know!"

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While one person asked: "How far ahead of trying to conceive should someone stop smoking marijuana?"

And Doctor Natalie replied: "Three months is the lifespan of sperm."

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