I’m a fashion expert – the secret to looking younger is ditching ‘age appropriate’ style, 3 rules to focus on instead | The Sun

I’m a fashion expert – the secret to looking younger is ditching ‘age appropriate’ style, 3 rules to focus on instead | The Sun

AS another birthday approaches, you may feel the societal pressure to toss some of your beloved pieces.

But getting older doesn't mean saying goodbye to spaghetti straps and platform heels, according to fashion expert Alison Lumbatis.

In a video response to a TikTok user, who left her a comment about what she shouldn't be wearing as an older woman, Lumbatis shared three rules to follow for age-defying fashion.

The TikTok user's comment suggested that they took issue with a particular jean style that Lumbatis chose to wear.

They wrote: "You're a little too old to be wearing holes in your jeans, leave that for teens."

Lumbatis, who doesn't believe in limiting fashion based on age, met this with some fashion advice.

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"Let's talk about age appropriate style. So when it comes to figuring out what's age appropriate, you really just need to ask yourself these three questions," Lumbatis said.

The first thing to consider is if what you're wearing makes you feel more confident and stylish when you put it on.

After that, you'll want to focus on whether it fits or flatters your body.

And the final thing to ask yourself is what you're trying to tell the world about yourself, and how you present yourself through your style.

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Lumbatis stressed that when styling yourself, outfits don't have to be "age appropriate," they just have to be "you appropriate."

If you dress according to what suits you, you won't have to worry about looking "too old" for your clothing choices.

Many viewers in the comments section of Lumbatis's video expressed that her advice resonated with them, like on who wrote: "I love your perspective!! Wear what makes you feel good!"

A second added: "Agree! I'm almost 60 and occasionally wear distressed jeans. People with her attitude can get over it."

"It's just clothes. Wear what makes you feel happy, not what others think that you should," a third asserted.

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"Love it. Age is just a number. Some of the oldest people can have the youngest souls!!" another person wrote.

"It just has to be YOU appropriate! Love that," a final person enthused.

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