I’m a Dollar Tree super fan & would NEVER buy these products – although not everyone agrees with my opinion | The Sun

I’m a Dollar Tree super fan & would NEVER buy these products – although not everyone agrees with my opinion | The Sun

DOLLAR Tree is as popular as it is today because it allows shoppers to purchase items on a budget.

There are plenty of affordable things to buy, but that doesn’t mean every item in Dollar Tree's inventory is actually good for you.

Amanda Doll Ray, a TikToker and bargain shopper, broke down a list of items she doesn’t believe anyone should purchase from Dollar Tree.

From Amanda‘s perspective, mascara is the number one beauty product to avoid from Dollar Tree.S

She says: “Do not buy the mascara from LA Colors at Dollar Tree. None of them will do you any favors."

She also advises against buying any types of feminine washes from Dollar Tree.

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Regular body washes from Dollar Tree are also a no-go, according to Amanda.

She says: “The body washes from here — they’re all watered down. They’re not good so don’t think that.”

Charging cords and earbuds for your cell phones are two more items you should skip during a Dollar Tree shopping spree in Amanda's opinion.

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She says: “The cords are cute, and the headphones too, but they always fall apart. Maybe one month max. They’re going to break.”

If you’re interested in buying sponge rollers or hair curlers from Dollar Tree, that would be another mistake in Amanda’s eyes.

Some of the items she does actually approve of from Dollar Tree include hair combs, bronzer from the makeup section, and iPhone cases.

She mentions a personal experience by saying: “I would buy the [Dollar Tree] phone cases. I’ve had them last for over a year!”

Plenty of people in her comment section don’t agree with her opinions though.

One person wrote: “The earbuds last long. I buy them a lot – and the chargers are good."

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“I’m still going to buy at the Dollar Tree. You are no one to tell us this. If you don’t like it, don’t shop there,” someone else commented.

Another person added: “I love the Arm & Hammer body wash! It lathers so well and smells so good.“

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