I'm a dog groomer – the breed I'd never get because they're as stubborn as cats and can't be trained with treats | The Sun

I'm a dog groomer – the breed I'd never get because they're as stubborn as cats and can't be trained with treats | The Sun

A DOG groomer has revealed the one breed she would never own because they’re stubborn and turn their nose up at TREATS.

Vanessa De Prophetis even called the breed “a cat in a dog’s body” due to their strong-willed nature.

Sharing on her Tik Tok profile @girlwithedogs, she gave followers an insight into the off-limits breed… and it was Huskies.

Despite finding them adorable, Vanessa vowed to never own one of the dogs who are bred to pull sleighs in snowy climates.

She said: “One of the most difficult dogs in the world to train is the Husky.

“Not only are they incredibly stubborn and basically a cat in a dog’s body, they are usually not food motivated.

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“One of the easiest ways to train a dog is with treats. 

“But Huskies will turn their nose up at most things.”

However, she went on to share her four-legged client Loki, who didn’t fit the mould of her usual Husky clients.

Vanessa said the well-behaved pooch let her touch his paws and was calm throughout his whole groom – something uncommon for the pets known to be vocal. 

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The viral Tik Tok garnered 8.4 million views and 1.6 million likes within two days of being uploaded.

People flocked to the comments to express their surprise at Loki’s temperament. 

One joked: “This Husky is broken.”

A second quipped: “He is so stubborn, he is determined to prove you wrong on all ‘typical Husky’ counts.”

A third Husky-lover said: “Wow he was calm for that and especially so for a Husky, what a good good boy!”

Vanessa opened her grooming business in 2011 and started posting about it online in 2020, giving people insight’s into her day and what it takes to get dogs looking paw-fect.

She penned: “As a groomer, there’s never a dull moment. 

“Each and every pet is different and provides a new adventure for me. 

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“While some are mellow and relaxed, others are chaotic and energetic. 

“But one thing is for sure, it’s hard not to smile and of course laugh, when you’re working with people’s pets.”

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