I'm a dog breeder – there are some types you should absolutely avoid depending on what kind of home you have | The Sun

I'm a dog breeder – there are some types you should absolutely avoid depending on what kind of home you have | The Sun

A DOG expert has revealed some of the best breeds for pet owners who live in apartments.

When those living in a small space decide to bring a dog home, it's important that they pick an animal that will be happy and healthy in their environment.

"Having a dog in apartments absolutely can be done," dog trainer Will Atherton said in a clip posted to YouTube.

"But you want a dog that is lower energy, probably doesn't need as much room or exercise, gets on well with people, and isn't a nightmare for your neighbors."

Compact breeds often make the most sense in tight quarters, according to Atherton.

"On the smaller side of the equation, I like the French bulldogs and the English bulldogs," he said.

These pooches are relatively small and friendly, but they also have scrunched-up faces which make it harder for them to breathe.

This limits the amount of exercise they need on a regular basis.

"On the medium to larger side of the spectrum, I love greyhounds," Atherton said.

"A lot of people think that's crazy because they're the fastest dog in the world, but in fact they're massive couch potatoes."

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Greyhounds were bred to go fast but only for a short period of time.

They require a lot of rest in between their intense sprinting sessions.

The dogs are also "loving and incredibly quiet," Atherton added.

Although large breeds wouldn't make sense in many small homes, some dog owners make it work.

"If you do want to go for a giant breed in an apartment, as long as you do have the room and you can get them up and down safely, the English mastiff can be a great choice," Atherton said.

Dogs of this breed are known to be a good fit for families.

Atherton has shared many other dog tips on social media platforms like TikTok.

In one video, the trainer went over breeds that aren't suitable for owners with children.

In another, he discussed the kinds of dogs that are best for those with an active lifestyle.

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