I’m a DIY whizz and my four tricks make painting your walls SO much easier and prevent mess – they take seconds | The Sun

I’m a DIY whizz and my four tricks make painting your walls SO much easier and prevent mess – they take seconds | The Sun

PAINTING your walls doesn't have to be a total nightmare if you want to do it yourself.

All you need are four simple tricks to be able to get professional-looking results.

Melanie, who is an interior designer and decorating expert, shared the easy hacks and they're game changers if you're a bit of a DIY novice.

Her first trick to to minimise the amount of cleaning you have to do once you're finished painting by using an old plastic bag to cover the paint tray.

Simply put the tray inside the plastic bag before pouring in your paint.

When you're done you can turn the bag inside out and dispose of it, leaving the tray perfectly clean.


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Before using a new paint roller you should try and remove any loose fibres so they don't end up stuck on your wall.

To do this, Melanie recommended wrapping the roller in tape – when you pull the tape back off any loose fluff with come off with it.

The DIY pro's third trick is perfect if you find paint always drips down the outside of the tin when you pour it.

"Take tin foil and place it around the paint can, make a hole and pour it into the tray.

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"This prevents paint going into the sides of the can and also allows excess paint to drip back into the paint can," she explained.

Melanie's final painting trick is to use a mixing stick to scrape extra paint from your roller to clean it off.

According to the pro, the sticks are usually curved on one side specifically do this reason.

After sharing her tips on Instagram, people were amazed by how easy they are.

"Such helpful painting tips! I didn't even realise that's why the sticks have the curves on them," one commented on the video.

A second said: "I so need to do this, I'm always buying new paint trays."

"This couldn't have come soon enough, thank you," another wrote.

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