I’m a cleaning whizz and you can instantly get rid of musty washing machine smells with a 79p B&M buy | The Sun

I’m a cleaning whizz and you can instantly get rid of musty washing machine smells with a 79p B&M buy | The Sun

A CLEANING PRO has revealed the ultimate B&M buy that can clean your home and get rid of gross smells from your washing machine. 

Carolina Mccauley, who shares her home tips and tricks, took to her social media account to reveal the 79p item every household needs. 

Sharing a clip to demonstrate its use, she placed three bottles of white vinegar in a tray before explaining: “How  to clean with vinegar at home”. 

She then instructed viewers to place a single cup of the substance into the dishwasher and “run a quick cycle”. 

Carolina said this both cleans and sanitises the machine from top to bottom, leaving it in great condition for your next load of dishes. 

But more importantly, vinegar can be used to clean your washing machine. 

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She explained that you should just pour the vinegar into the compartments of the appliance and a run a “fast cycle”. 

This, she shared, cleans and removes unwanted, musty and gross odours from the machine. 

There’s one another area of the home where vinegar can come in very useful: the sink. 

“Add baking soda and vinegar in your drains,” she told viewers while demonstrating.

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TikTok user @carolina.mccauley said this leaves the sinks “fresh and clean”. 

In the caption, she added: “vinegar: the eco-friendly cleaner your home loves!” 

Luckily, white vinegar is not an expensive addition to your cleaning toolkit as it costs just 79p from your local B&M store. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “The GOAT of products”. 

Another said: “I've been using bicarb in place of washing powder and vinegar as softener. Clothes are softer and brighter. No more itchy skin. perfume smells better”. 

And a third shared: “This brings me such joy and happiness!” 

According to the B&M website, vinegar can, in fact, be used to clean the washing machine.

“Set your washing machine to run on its highest and hottest setting,” it states. “Then, add four cups of white vinegar and turn the machine on. 

“Once it’s filled up, pause the washing machine to allow the warm water and vinegar to sit for an hour to clean it efficiently.” 

They added that once this cycle is done, you can add a cup of baking soda to run at the highest and hottest setting for an “even more intensive clean”. 

Coffee makers can also be cleaned using vinegar as the substance will both remove mineral buildup and help it descale. 

All you have to do, according to B&M, is pour equal parts water to vinegar directly into the water reservoir and then run it through the coffee maker. Then rinse it with water. 

Meanwhile, for coffee machines that use pods, they suggest running water through it to “remove the smell and taste of vinegar before use”. 

B&M also states that blenders, food processors, wine glasses, windows and stainless steel can all be cleaned with vinegar.

Read all about it here. 


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