I'm a cleaning pro & can make my home look spotless in an HOUR – why it's all in the details | The Sun

I'm a cleaning pro & can make my home look spotless in an HOUR – why it's all in the details | The Sun

HOME experts make cleaning look so easy – tasks that take mere mortals long, laborious hours take the professionals minutes to do.

Cleaning pros shared the secret to getting a house clean in sixty minutes flat, and you can do it yourself next time guests drop in with minimal notice.

The experts at Apartment Therapy broke down the cleaning strategy you should use to get your house clean in under an hour.

The first step is to kick people out of the house. A safe rule of thumb? If they aren't going to contribute to the cleaning, keep them outside until it's over, the experts advised.

If your spouse is home, send them to the park with the kids, or ask your older children to play in the backyard with the pets.

Then, prioritize the bathroom, which Apartment Therapy's experts say is "not the place to skimp on cleaning efforts."


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"For any bathroom that your guests might use, do a top-to-bottom cleaning, making sure to polish mirrors and fixtures, and ensuring that the toilets are pristine," the pros wrote.

The kitchen, too, deserves plenty of attention. "The condition of the kitchen is another factor that determines the overall impression of whether a place feels clean or not," the experts said.

Keep dirty dishes out of sight in your dishwasher, or spend time hand-washing and putting them away. Straighten everything on the counters, and put away any containers left in sight lines.

You can shut doors to any rooms your guests won't have reason to go in, so don't even bother with back bedrooms or the home office. Instead, get into the nitty-gritty of your living room and entry area.

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Surprisingly, the experts recommended focusing on little details – including one task you may think it makes sense to skip.

"Dusting may seem too detailed of a task when you need to clean up fast, but dusty surfaces make everything look and feel dirty and that’s not what you want your guests to experience," the experts wrote.

"Stick to obvious spots and go fast."

In each room, tackle floors last. You'll be sweeping away any dust or dirt you've knocked to the ground in the course of your tidying.

Break out the vacuum, too, and take a quick pass over any carpeted areas. Vacuuming floors and fluffing the rug or carpet after gives rooms a fresh feel.

"Again, this is not the time to get detailed," the pros advised.

"Concentrate on the most visible areas and aim for 'good enough.'"

To bring your cleaning session to a close, add a bright bit of decor or a seasonal accent to pull everything together.

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"When you’re about five minutes away from your power hour being up, consider some finishing touches like lighting a candle, turning on lamps, or setting out some fresh-cut greens or flowers from your yard," the experts said.

Those details may seem superfluous, but they add just the right amount of intentional design to your space, which will leave your guests impressed (and looking forward to another visit).

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