I'm a cleaning guru, how a 'sink condom' will change your life and stop you having to touch the food in the plug hole | The Sun

I'm a cleaning guru, how a 'sink condom' will change your life and stop you having to touch the food in the plug hole | The Sun

REACHING down into a sink to get the blocked up food out of the plughole is never a pleasant experience.

But a cleaning guru has shared how a bargain find has changed the game when it comes to making sure her sink is sparkling clean.

Social media influencer Lauryn Emily, whose profile is @laurshaps, revealed she had recently purchased something called a “sink condom” – and never looked back. 

In a video where she showed how it could be incorporated into your cleaning routine, Lauryn told her TikTok followers that it was a small mesh covering used to protect the strainer in your sink.

She then continued to her 48,000 followers: “Introducing the sink condom. If you hate touching all the s**t in your strainer, this is for you.

“Put the condom on your strainer and discard with your scraps when you’re done.” 

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Lauryn also shared how the “sink condoms” – which are also compostable – can be bought for as little as £6.50 for 200 bags from online stores such as Amazon. 

The site describes them as “kitchen filter bags” with “small fine mesh, which can effectively intercept residues from kitchen and bathroom.

They say they can trap items including “food waste, left over, paper scraps, garbage, hair and dirt.” 

They also promise they are easy to use and that there will be no “dirty hands.”

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Lauryn’s followers were equally impressed with the idea after they watched the short video. 

Immediately, they flocked to like the post, and told Lauryn they loved the idea.

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One wrote: “It’s very useful, never need a plumber.” A second said: “A strainer for the strainer.”

While a third added that they thought the contraption was “genius.”

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