I'm a cleaning expert and here's the 'correct' order to clean your dining room – so have YOU been doing it wrong?

I'm a cleaning expert and here's the 'correct' order to clean your dining room – so have YOU been doing it wrong?

AS satisfying as it is to deep-clean our home, the dining room somehow always gets overlooked – because let's be honest, we eat dinner in front of the TV most nights anyway.

Well if you can't remember the last time you gave the space a spruce-up, then you might just learn a thing or two from cleaning expert Erica Young.

Writing for Taste of Home, the expert shared the exact order we should be cleaning our dining rooms in – so have YOU been doing it right?

To begin with, Erica said it's important to declutter all the surfaces before you get properly stuck in.

She wrote: "Remember to clean from top to bottom, because crumbs, dust and debris will inevitably fall to the floor as you work."

"Start with dusting the ceiling fixture and leave the floor for last."

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Sharing the "best" way to do it, Erica recommends wiping lights down with a microfibre cloth to remove dust first and then spraying them with a glass cleaner.

In keeping with the "top to bottom" approach, the expert said to focus on table and chairs next.

After mixing some washing liquid and warm water together, Erica said to use another microfibre cloth to wipe down the surfaces.

Once you've completed this step, the expert said to wrap a butterknife in another cloth and run the edge along any crevices to get rid of any lingering grime.

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If you have upholstered chairs, make sure to vacuum them first before then going over with damp cloth too.

Next, mix together some washing liquid, vinegar and water and then use this to wipe down walls and skirting boards.

And before moving onto the final step, dust any other furniture you have in the room with a damp microfibre cloth.

Once you'd ticked off everything in the "top" part of the checklist, you can move onto the "bottom" section – i.e. tackling the floors.

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After vacuuming the whole room, then go back over the floors with a mop.

To save yourself time on the chores in the long-run, the expert said to wipe down your dining table and chairs every night and mop the floors once a week.

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