I'm a chef and you've been cooking jacket potatoes all wrong – my savvy hack cooks them perfectly in just 20 minutes | The Sun

I'm a chef and you've been cooking jacket potatoes all wrong – my savvy hack cooks them perfectly in just 20 minutes | The Sun

IF YOU thought you knew how to cook a jacket potato perfectly, think again.

According to This Morning’s chef, Phil Vickery, there’s a very simple and clever way to reduce the cooking time of a jacket potato.

During a recent episode, the chef spoke about having jacket potatoes for dinner regularly as a child. 

He shared his top tips for ensuring crispy skin, plus how to reduce the cooking time.

His hack swears by using teaspoon – yes, you heard that correctly.

Phil explained: “You can microwave them and finish them in the oven for a crispy skin. 

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“Now, the thing to say also is – always, always, always use a sharp knife and score the potato around the outside [before you cook it] because they will explode otherwise. 

“Sometimes, if you start potatoes in a cooler oven and [the temperature] gets hotter, it bakes the skin so tight they will expand and explode.

"Not all the time, but it does happen, so I always [score] them. 

“I also put a teaspoon in the potato – not when cooking in the microwave – but [cooking the potato in] a conventional oven, it cuts the cooking time down by at least about 20 minutes.” 

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Phillip Schofield asked: “Is that because the spoon gets so hot the heat goes down the spoon [handle] and into the centre of the potato?” 

The food whizz replied: “Yes. You can use ready-made jacket potato spikes and you put them on all four and into the oven, or you can use a skewer, but it certainly makes a difference."

The chef continued: “I reckon it will take 15-20 minutes off the cooking time, so 35-40 minutes as opposed to an hour.” 

If you fancy giving this clever hack a try, before inserting a teaspoon handle into the jacket potato, you can blast the potato in the microwave to reduce cooking time further.

It’s important to remember – no teaspoon in the potato if you are using the microwave as this is a health and safety risk.  

So if you want to try cooking your jacket potatoes like this for your next dinner, first place the potato in the microwave on a plate on high for three minutes.

Following this, turn it over and microwave for another three minutes. 

Then transfer the potato to a baking tray, season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

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Push a spoon inside the potato to speed up the cooking process in the oven. 

The cooking time will depend on the size of the potato as a bigger potato will take much longer to cook – but it should only take around 20 minutes.

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