I’m a busy mum & figured out a way to make sure my kids come downstairs straight away when I call them & it’s so easy

I’m a busy mum & figured out a way to make sure my kids come downstairs straight away when I call them & it’s so easy

HAVE you ever wished your children would come downstairs faster when you call them for dinner, or to ask them a question?

A busy mum has come up with just the trick to ensure that happens without fail in her household. 

Kimber, aka @campcutler on Instagram, has revealed she’s added a slide to the bottom of her staircase so that her six kids actually enjoy coming down them. 

And that’s clear to see from her recent video, where three of her kids are taking it in turns to go down the bright yellow playground slide.

Alongside the video, @campcutler, who often shares parenting tips and tricks, shared the five reasons she encourages other mums and dads to follow her lead. 

Starting out with the fact it provides fun for the whole household, she continued: “[It also] helps kids move and groove in the house.”

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What’s more, the social media mum said it doesn’t have to break the bank and is also one of the rare kids’ activities that won’t leave her cleaning up after them. 

She continued: “It doesn’t have to be expensive (this is just an old playground slide!) It doesn’t make a mess.”

@campcutler also added that “it never gets old”, explaining she first added the slide staircase four years ago and it’s still going strong. 

As the video racked up over 40,000 likes, other parents quizzed her on where she bought the slide as they said they might try it out too.

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The busy mum replied: “We just picked this up from a friend who was getting rid of it.

But if you search “playset slide” on Amazon, I’m sure you’ll find a good option.” 

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Explaining how she fitted it, @campcutler added: “The top lip of the slide is flat and just grips well to the carpet and doesn’t slide down miraculously.

“Every once in a while it bumps itself down to the next step but it doesn’t bother the kids. I have mostly all big kids so we just keep the slide there all day every day.”

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