I'm a body language pro – the 7 seven signals that INSTANTLY turn men off & the look that will make them run a mile

I'm a body language pro – the 7 seven signals that INSTANTLY turn men off & the look that will make them run a mile

WHEN it comes to attracting a man, there are loads of tricks out there.

Some people say that wearing certain colours or perfume is the key, but according to one pro it all comes down to body language.

Anna Bey is a etiquette and body language expert who knows all the mistakes women make when trying to get a man's attention.

Being your worst self in public

"We can tweak our body language to let a man know we're interested so that he can become more interested in us," Anna says.

The pro says that you should leave your bad habits at home, and instead ensure that you are being the best version of yourself.

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Don't be too sexual

"It doesn't matter if you're doing it as a joke or if you're serious," the pro expaliend.

"There are some body language ques that men tend to appreciate," she says, adding that biting your lip can get a mans attention, but it should be subtle, there's no need to gnaw off your lip.

Likewise, when you bend over to pick something up, there's no need to the famous bend and snap from Legally Blonde.

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Anna said: "It comes across incredibly stupid and you don't want to create an awkward atmosphere."

So ditch the theatrics and just be yourself, the pro advised.

No masculine body language

Hunching and sitting with your legs spread apart is a big no for Anna, "even masculine gestures like holding the door open and insisting to pay the bill" are out of the question as for as the pro is concerned.

Anna explained that all these small masculine cues might be insignificant on their own, but they soon add up and can be really off putting.

No masculine talk

Anna admits that this is something she struggles with herself, as she knows she can sometimes be too direct and come across too strong.

Speaking too loud and being too direct are going to turn men off, Anna says "even the vocabulary I use, I think about that and I try to soften it.

"I don't try to change who I am I just try to reduce that a lot."

Remove that desperate look on your face

When you're flirting there are some cues that are going to come across as desperate, the body language whizz says.

One example of this is "giving some form of physical touch," Anna explains, "it's important that it doesn't become too much, too often, or in the wrong places."

She adds that while you may physically lean in to show you're interested, you've got to be subtle, being too available is never good.

"That's the worst energy to give off, you want to always keep him guessing," Anna says.

Don't be stone cold

There's a fine line between being mysterious and being cold, and getting it right isn't always easy.

While being too interested isn't going to work, acting as if you couldn't care less is also going to be a huge turn off.

Anna says: "You need to find that perfect balance of showing interest, without being too much, validating his interest, without giving it all away."

Confused? we couldn't possibly understand why.

Be feminine

"Be a woman, don't be an infant, don't be his mother," Anna says.

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Becoming a stupid, giggly and childish just isn't attractive, but neither is turning into his mum and constantly berating him, according to Anna.

"Be a woman, be a feminine woman, men love that," Anna adds.

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