I’m a blonde farm girl – I don't need to show off my body to get people to pay attention to me, I'm perfect just as I am | The Sun

I’m a blonde farm girl – I don't need to show off my body to get people to pay attention to me, I'm perfect just as I am | The Sun

A FEMALE farmer has expressed her gratitude for her large social media following that came from being her authentic self.

The content creator doesn't show off her body online, but people still give her ample attention because she's perfect just the way she is.

Kait Thornton (@katyjthornton02) is an apple farmer, based inWashington, who happily embraces the country lifestyle.

The girl-next-door country girl aesthetic has taken over TikTok with many women wearing less and showing more to rack up views and likes.

She deviates from several country-themed content creators by giving viewers a behind-the-scenes at what it's like on her apple farm.

Known as "Your favorite apple girl!" on TikTok, she expressed her appreciation for her large following in a viral video on the platform.

"I’m beyond blessed to have this following. Thank you for those who genuinely care about the education and lifestyle I share on here," Kaity mentioned in the video's caption.

At the start of the video, the blonde had the camera facing her as she drove a truck with her dog sitting beside her.

She wore an oversized navy T-shirt, her hair was in a low ponytail, and she had no makeup on her face.

"Kait, just stop posting farm content. People only pay attention to girls who show off their bodies on social media," the subtitle over the visual read, referencing comments people have given her in the past.

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The video then quickly showed several small clips of her farming process timed to the song Part of Me by pop artist Katy Perry.

In many of the short videos, she was smiling with friends and showing off the fields filled with fresh apples.

"If I have made a positive impact on the way even five of my followers look at fresh produce in their store- THAT is what truly matters," she wrote in the caption.

Thornton has over 329,000 TikTok followers and counting.

Her honesty and transparency were appreciated by many people.

"I’ll take this girl over the others anytime," one viewer commented.

"Stay true to yourself….you have got this!! Proud of you," another chimed in.

"I would rather see your clips than half-clothed females any day. Don’t change what you do, be your authentic self," an admirer added.

She even received high praise from actress Christy Carlson Romano who wrote, "You are so much cooler for this tho!"

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