I'm a beauty whizz & you’ve been applying your mascara all wrong – the right method gives you more volume in seconds | The Sun

I'm a beauty whizz & you’ve been applying your mascara all wrong – the right method gives you more volume in seconds | The Sun

A MAKE-UP pro has gone viral after revealing the best way to apply mascara.

Applying mascara seems like a straight-forward task most beauty lovers have been familiar with since their early teenage years.

However, if you find yourself not having those ''wow'' lashes even after forking out a fortune for high-end mascaras, keep on reading, as it might have something to do with your technique.

One make-up whizz, Sophie, took it to TikTok to share a hack, claiming it's ''the best way to apply mascara''.

The beauty lover and vlogger, 25, who has close to 295,000 fans on the social media platform, said that following her routine would give you the most volume and length.

''When you're applying your mascara, stop applying it like this,'' she said whilst gently brushing through her lashes from bottom to top.

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''That's not gonna get the most out of the mascara.

''I mean, this method is fine if you just want to get some very natural-looking and obviously, you do your make-up however you wanna do your make-up.

''But if you find that you're not getting enough volume out of your mascara, what I the best thing to do, look down into a mirror, take your mascara, place it at the root of your lashes and before you drag it up, wiggle it there for like five seconds.''

Whilst demonstrating the make-up tip, Sophie said this would give more product.

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''Wiggle as much as I can get to try and get the maximum volume at my root and then I will drag the brush up my lashes.

''And I usually repeat that, maybe, three of four times just to get the thickest lashes that I possibly can.''

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If you end up with a few clumps, the talented 25-year-old recommended either taking the end of the brush and going backwards or simply pinching the lashes together with your fingers.

For the ultimate eyelashes, Sophie also used the same technique on the bottom half.

With close to 70,000 views in less than a day, the clip has gone viral and has seen many people saying they'll give the hack a go.

A fellow make-up enthusiast commented: ''Yessss definitely trying this! I don't wiggle as much as this… You have gorgeous lashes! Stunning as always Soph.''

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Another person wondered: ''How are you doing this without making a mess though [laughing emoji] whenever I attempt this method I end up ruining my eyeshadow.''

''Just did it. The result wayyy better than I normally do. Thanks for the tips,'' a third thanked the whizz.

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