I'm a 48-year-old fashion pro but look much younger – 8 anti-aging style tips I swear by | The Sun

I'm a 48-year-old fashion pro but look much younger – 8 anti-aging style tips I swear by | The Sun

ONE fit 48-year-old has shared her eight anti-aging secrets that keep her looking much younger than her age.

Fashion pro Fritzie Cencil is no stranger to critics telling her to "dress her age".

But she says the key is to "know your body," telling The U.S. Sun you can still wear youthful fashion later in life if you do so.

Cencil posted many videos to her TikTok account demonstrating her knowledge of her body. Often modeling new outfits by dancing or showing off her best catwalk.

The fashionista added that it is imperative to wear colors that compliment one another as well as skin tone.

"Mix the right colors," she wrote, those that "match your skin tone".


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In true fashionista spirit, Cencil added that no look is complete without the right accessories.

"Accessorize according to your style," she said.

Cencil's anti-aging style tips also centered around mindset.

"Just be comfortable in your own fashion," she said,and "own your style."

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She also has some tried and true advice when dealing with harsh critics.

"I do not feed on other people's negativity," she said, "I will do what makes me happy."

Cencil took to TikTok on Monday in a teary-eyed video to share her sentimental motivation for sharing her style with the world.

"I just wanted to make people happy and I wanted to empower women of my age group," she said.

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She stood by her message for fashionistas of all ages.

"Age is just a number and there is no limit with fashion," she added.

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