I’m a 40-year-old skin expert – there’s one way I reverse ageing, and no, it's not about banishing wrinkles | The Sun

I’m a 40-year-old skin expert – there’s one way I reverse ageing, and no, it's not about banishing wrinkles | The Sun

A DERMATOLOGIST in her 40s has revealed the one way to reverse ageing, and no, it has nothing to do with getting rid of wrinkles.

Shereene Idriss, a skin doctor from the US, revealed her top anti-ageing trick that most clients don't think about.

In the clip, the doctor, who has turned 40 since posting the video, explained her biggest annoyance was clients focused on removing fine lines and wrinkles with the hopes of it making them look younger.

In fact, the skincare pro revealed there was a much more effective way for youthful-looking skin that doesn't require Botox or laser treatment for wrinkles.

Shereene said: "One of my biggest pet peeves that I have in my office is when a patient comes in for a cosmetic consultation bothered by the smallest little line on the side of their face."

She revealed she often makes the client take a step back and holds a mirror to ask them what the biggest problem was that they see.


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Often, it turns out that the wrinkles are barely noticeable – but there is one thing making them look older – skin discolouration.

The skin pro added: "Moral of the story – an even skin tone is the first barrier to ageing for most people unless you're living under a rock or a cave."

Shereene went on to explain the best way to combat discolouration was to use regular skincare you can buy it at the store rather than see a specialist.

In the comments section of the video published to her account @shereeneidriss she revealed azelaic acid and tretinoin work well to reduce discolouration.

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One person asked: "Is my azelaic acid or tretinoin best for discoloration?"

"Never a one-ingredient story. Together is better than each alone," the doctor replied.

Another commented: "I truly am astonished how much younger you look than your actual age! Stunning."

"This is why I feel like so look so good with a tan," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "You’re absolutely correct! I was wondering why I look more rejuvenated & it’s 100% due to my overall complexion since getting serious w skin care."

"What a brilliant strategy for these patients… I have them all the time and have the same pet peeve,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "Yep. I am interested in Botox, but it feels like a waste while I still have a lot of acne scarring."

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