I’m a 40-year-old dermatologist that looks decades younger thanks to 3 anti-ageing tips | The Sun

I’m a 40-year-old dermatologist that looks decades younger thanks to 3 anti-ageing tips | The Sun

A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed the best anti ageing routines for people in their 30’s who want to stay youthful looking. 

The skin pro explained this is the decade when people start to see clear signs of ageing and there are some things you can do to tackle this. 

Shereene confessed in a YouTube video: “The ageing process hitting you in your 30s and the reality of that is nothing you buy over the counter is going to help you restore your volume or fix your bone structure.”

She said: “Even though age is not a skin type and you cannot buy products based on your age there are certain things that we can all be prepared to attack in a more efficient manner throughout our 30’s.”

The skin expert revealed in our 30’s we experience hormonal changes, fine lines and 20 years of skin damage. 

Dr Shereene revealed the best thing to do every morning is to use antioxidants in a morning routine before sunscreen.  

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She said: “Antioxidants help to fight free radical damage that creates reactive oxygen species, crazy oxygen right which is going to eat up at your skin, think of rust metal exposed to oxygen over time.”

Options for this include Vitamin C, niacinamide and Centella. 

The skin pro said: “Vitamin C is tried and true. I use it every single day.”

Dr Shereene says she uses foundation with sunscreen to protect her skin daily. 

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She said: “I do use this baby every single day as I am going between  the apartment and the office. I put two full finger lengths.”

But Shereene takes this a step further as she wears a UV visor when she is out in the sun. 


She said: “It looks ridiculous but I am out and about every Saturday and Sunday um with my kids and I just kind of leave it and I do not care.”

Next the skin pro moved onto the perfect PM routine for people in their 30’s. 

She said: “It’s rather simple: cleanse, exfoliate, focus on your cell, turnover focus on your problem support and end with a moisturiser.”

Shereene explains you have to make an effort to modify your routine to suit your skin needs. 

A foaming cleanser is ideal for those with oily skin and if you have dry skin you should lather up on products that add moisture. 

By this point in your life you should be using retinol and Dr Shereene says incorporate it into your routine slowly. 

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She said: “If your issue is fine lines that are developing at a faster rate and you feel like your skin is not as you know retinol.”

“Before going crazy and you start with twice a week at night followed by a third week a third night in your week for a few weeks followed by a fourth night in your week for a few weeks etc.”

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