I work in McDonald’s and tested the new items on the menu – here’s my favourites and what to avoid, one left me gagging | The Sun

I work in McDonald’s and tested the new items on the menu – here’s my favourites and what to avoid, one left me gagging | The Sun

A MCDONALD'S manager put the fast food giant's new menu to the test – and one item left a bad taste in his mouth.

Daniel Parker, 20, regularly speaks out about life working at one of Maccies' Glasgow branches on TikTok.

He has built up an army of 150k admirers on social media after sharing videos in his uniform – earning him the nickname McRipped from colleagues.

In a recent clip (@mcrippedd), Daniel told fans he was doing a "New McDonald's menu review."

The new items are a spicy sriracha chicken wrap and a double McPlant burger and they became available in all of Maccies' 1,450 restaurants on January 4.

Also back on the McDonald's menu are the cheesy garlic bites and the Aero peppermint McFlurry.

Daniel ordered all four items from his work before giving them a try in his car.

The fast food worker started off with the Aero McFlurry which he rated “7/10 for me”.

He added: “Prefer the Oreo one tbh, [and] they should bring back the Crunchie McFlurry.”

Daniel then attempted to eat the Double McPlant burger – but it did not go well.

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He said: "It looks a little bit chunky. Let's give it a taste review.

"Not a fan. Oh my god."

Daniel visibly gagged as he chewed the £4.89 burger, and struggled to swallow it.

It will be a disappointment to bosses who spent three years creating the vegan item.

After successfully trialling the McPlant burger at 250 branches last year, bosses made it a full-time fixture on the menu in January.

The burger features two Beyond Meat patties, a vegan sesame bun, mustard, ketchup, vegan sandwich sauce, fresh onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese.

It is vegan certified and cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches, using dedicated utensils.

But it was rave reviews from Daniel on the remaining new arrivals.

He told followers the cheesy garlic bites were "banging" and said he liked the sriracha wrap, adding: "It's a bit spicy. That is spicy."

Daniel earlier revealed the discontinued item on the menu that staff miss the most – and is petitioning the big bosses to bring it back.

He said: "Everyone at my work, people that I’ve spoken to, they miss one thing, and that’s the breakfast wrap which consists of bacon, egg, sausage and hash brown.

"Or, nah, it was a rostie. So yeah, let’s bring them back. Also with a bit of cheese."

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Student Daniel is a manager at one of McDonald’s Glasgow branches and has become a viral star on TikTok with more than 12 million likes on his videos.

He gives an insight into what it’s like to work at the fast food giant and how he stays in shape while always eating their stuff.

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