I work at a vet hotel & there are five types of dogs we always see – so is yours an introvert or attention seeker? | The Sun

I work at a vet hotel & there are five types of dogs we always see – so is yours an introvert or attention seeker? | The Sun

A PERSON that works at a vet hospital and hotel has revealed that there are five types of dogs they always see.

An employee from Spot On Vet Hospital and Hotel, also known as @spotonvets on TikTok, took to the video sharing platform to reveal more about the dogs they look after.

The vet explained that regardless of the breed, there are five different personalities that dogs they look after often have.

Not only this, but there are some simple telltale signs that easily depict the personality of a dog too.  

Spot On offers doggy daycare, training and a pet spa and is located in Stamford, Connecticut, United States.

The dog center has amassed an impressive 67.5k followers and 6.2million likes on the video sharing platform, where they regularly record their pet pooch visitors.

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In a recent clip, an employee from Spot On said: “The different types of dogs at daycare.”

According to this employee, there is often an ‘attention seeker’ dog at the vets.

In the video, we saw the attention seeker dogs engaging in a variety of different attention-seeking activities – there was a dog standing in between someone’s legs, another sitting at a vet’s feet looking up and a third on a daycare worker’s lap.

There’s also a ‘window watcher’ – whereby the employee recorded a variety of dogs standing on something looking out of the window.

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As well as this, there’s always the ‘really thirsty one’ – which was paired with a clip of a vet giving a dog a drink from a spray bottle.

Next up, there’s the ‘introvert’ – a dog sitting in the corner of the room by himself, followed by a video of a shy-looking dog hiding underneath a ramp whilst the other dogs were playing.

And finally, there’s also the ‘one who gets really excited every time someone walks by’ – which the employee described with a clip of a dog jumping up and looking over a gate.

The video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 3.4million views in just two days.

It has 394.4k likes, 1,096 comments and 7,437 shares.

One person said: “I literally got an emailed report of my dog being an introvert. Photo included.” 

Another added: “My heart is torn between the attention seeker and the introvert. I need them both?” 

A third commented: “I need 20 more videos of this.”

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Someone else noted: "The Frenchie introvert is like “this is my safe space” ?"

Meanwhile, another TikToker posted: "The vizsla sitting on the lap is the most accurate thing ever."

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