I was worried when my date didn’t show because he said he’d been a car crash but what happened next was more shocking

I was worried when my date didn’t show because he said he’d been a car crash but what happened next was more shocking

A WOMAN has turned to TikTok for help after her Bumble date didn't show up.

With millions of users, online dating can be a bit like gambling – you can never really know what you're getting yourself into, and one woman's experience only serves as proof.

Looking for her would-be Romeo, Sami Oliveri, from Florida, the US, decided to join the popular dating app Bumble.

There, after a bit of swiping, the young woman matched with a guy who seemed to be interested in her as well.

At first, things appeared to be going pretty well – and they even agreed to meet up in person.

A screenshot of the text exchanged between Sami and the man revealed that she suggested meeting at 1.15pm to go see a movie at a nearby theatre.

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''That's perfect! I'll pick you up [blushing emoji],'' the would be-Romeo responded.

However, just a little over an hour before the date the following day, things took a sharp turn, as he texted Sami.

''Have some bad news I got t boned and waiting for the cops to show up..''

Worried – and rightfully so – the woman then asked if he was okay.

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''My neck and back hurts and think I have a confusion,'' he revealed, later correcting himself and saying ''Concussion''.

''Glad'' that he was okay, Sami wanted to see the damage the car crash had done to his vehicle – and this is where the story got weird.

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''I'm so upset and I'm on the phone with my insurance [crying emoji],'' the Bumble date said before sending a snap of the accident.

The white auto seemed to be wrecked and Sami was mortified.

Perhaps slightly suspicious, she then decided to use reverse image search, and this is when she realised the man had used a random photo of a car crash he had found online.

''Tiktok! I need your help! I caught him in the act..what should I do next?''Sami sought help in a clip, which has taken the internet by storm.

To learn what had really happened, she even tagged CatfishMTV.

But despite her reaction, some thought she had made too much of a deal of the situation.

''Do nothing cuz is it really that serious .. next,'' wrote someone.

Another was confused: ''Why are you still giving him any ounce of energy? Move on.''

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Sharing suggestions, one advised: ''Say me too and send him the screenshot back. And then block him.''

''First of all never agree to a date with a guy that post a picture of himself flexing,'' a viewer chuckled.

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