I was a single mum with no money to spend on my home – now I've transformed it with Marketplace & Ikea bargains

I was a single mum with no money to spend on my home – now I've transformed it with Marketplace & Ikea bargains

A MUM has revealed how she totally transformed her home using bargains found on Facebook marketplace and Ikea.

Showing off her home on the Facebook group, DIY On A Budget Official, she revealed how she switched out blue and red walls and brown flooring for a more neutral and modern look all whilst keeping an eye on the purse strings.

Victoria Robinson, single-mum to two girls, often posts home inspiration to her Instagram account, homeatrussellsride.

Looking at her Instagram feed, you may think Victoria had spent a fortune on her home, but that isn't the case.

When Victoria moved house with her two little ones over a year ago, Victoria had nothing.

As a single parent, Victoria was well aware that everything has a tight budget.

Victoria couldn't afford to spend money on brand new furniture or painters and decorators.

Gradually, Victoria began to buy secondhand furniture from places like Facebook marketplace and slowly added pieces to her home.

She then upcycles the second-hand furniture to suit her own interior style.

Victoria writes: "The floors were brown the walls were red and blue and everything needed sanding before I could start.

"But I’m so proud of how far I’ve come to give my girls a home."

Victoria says that everything she bought for her home has been from Facebook marketplace and Ikea, and occasionally Homesense.

On Instagram, Victoria writes: "We've come a long way we really have, from not having anything to having everything we need.

"Looking at the old photos makes me proud because it's been bloody hard doing it all myself."

Victoria transformed her kitchen for less than £300 using a lick of paint and £1 eBay cupboard handles.

People that saw the post on Facebook agree that Victoria should be very proud of what she has accomplished.

One user commented: "You've done your girls proud, it looks fantastic well done enjoy your hard work."

"Aww it's absolutely beautiful, should be so proud of all the hard work you have accomplished." They add: "I know it all takes time but look at the wonderful outcome."

A third person replied: "Wow. I so admire what you have done on a very low budget. Just goes to show you don't need loads of cash to make a great difference. Sure you're proud. You definitely should be."

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