I tried to bleach my roots at home but it didn’t go well and all my hair fell out

I tried to bleach my roots at home but it didn’t go well and all my hair fell out

MOST of us have at one point or another tried dying our hair at home to save time and money.

but one woman has shared her hair horror story – and why she will never attempt bleaching her hair at home again.

Jess Kent, a musician from Australia shared her hair nightmare on TikTok, where it has since gone viral with almost four million views.

She warned viewers: "Let this be your sign to not touch up your roots with bleach at home."

Jess was out of state and her roots were growing back so she did what most of us would do, and tried bleaching her roots by herself.

The first time left her hair patchy, so she decided to have another go at it a couple of days later.

After bleaching her hair a second time, she put in a hair mask, but as she brushed it out she realised her blunder as her hair began to fall out.


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She immediately booked an appointment with the professionals to work their magic – but it was too late.

The hairdresser looks terrified as she takes Jess' hair and clumps of it begin to fall out.

As the hairdresser gently pulls on the hair, more and more of it falls out as the hair has become so fragile from bleach damage it tears from the root.

As well as losing a lot of hair, Jess was left with little tufts near her scalp where the bleach damage had snapped off her hair.

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Jess said the only reason she hadn't cried about the ordeal was that she was still in shock and disbelief.

She also revealed she left the bleach on for far too long the second time she did her roots, resulting in the damage.

Many viewers of the video felt for Jess, one wrote: "BESTIE ARE U OKAY IM SWEATING WATCHING THIS."

"I could cry for you." another user commented.

A third said: "so sorry this happened- devastating."

"My jaw DROPPED once it all came out." Added a fourth person.

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