I told my husband I wanted another baby or he’d have to get the snip – he booked it & on the big day we got a huge shock | The Sun

I told my husband I wanted another baby or he’d have to get the snip – he booked it & on the big day we got a huge shock | The Sun

SHE'D given her husband an ultimatum – either they have another baby, or he'd have to get a vasectomy.

So imagine Ashley's shock when she found out she was pregnant again, on the same day that her spouse was getting the snip.

Ashley took to TikTok to reveal the unique situation, as she shared a video of herself in the car.

"Today is Luke's vasectomy day," she began. "Super excited.

"So Luke and I, I told him he had the option of either giving me another baby or getting a vasectomy.

"And I told him we're going to keep trying until he gives me one of those two things.

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"So we were trying for about a month and then he made his vasectomy appointment and I have been very happy with that. I was like, 'Cool'.

"So I'm currently sitting in the parking lot but before we left he looked at me and was like, 'Hey, you should take a pregnancy test. You haven't had your period yet and I think it should have happened'.

"And I was like, 'Nah I'm sure it's right around the corner'.

"Tell me why, today of all days – I've been taking pregnancy tests religiously almost since we were doing the 'you better try or get a vasectomy'.

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"I'm pregnant and he's currently in the office getting his vasectomy done. I'm f**king pregnant. The irony!"

She captioned her video: "I am still laughing my head off. I can’t believe that today, his vasectomy day that we find out I'm pregnant.

"I feel like this is something people put in movies."

People in the comments section immediately demanded to see a video of when her husband found out they were having another baby.

And while Ashley didn't have that, she did have a clip of Luke when he got back in the car after the vasectomy and admitted he was "terrified" about having another child.

However, Ashley admitted she's "very, very excited" about becoming a mother for a third time.

"I'm hoping that this baby sticks and wants to hang around for a little bit," she said.

"We already have names picked out and everything so we'd love to have at least one more."

"He gave you both, awesome!" one person wrote in the comments section.

As another added: "He should have made his decision faster!"

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"Sounds like a good deal," a third commented.

"He was going to get one anyways after the next baby."

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