I thought I’d bagged a bargain when I got my Christmas tree for £10 but what turned up looked like a Rugrats character | The Sun

I thought I’d bagged a bargain when I got my Christmas tree for £10 but what turned up looked like a Rugrats character | The Sun

IT'S the festive season and it means only one thing – everyone showing off their stunning Christmas trees online.

From Stacey Solomon's DIY tree to Paris Fury's huge Christmas tree covered with teddies, we've seen thousands of gorgeous decorations this year. But for one woman things didn't quite go to plan…

Looking to do Christmas on a budget, Elly Wilson (@elly_wilson_), from New Zealand, decided to check out The Warehouse, their equivalent to B&M and Home Bargains.

There, the money-saving shopper stumbled upon a fake Christmas tree for less than a tenner and without much thinking, she immediately bagged it.

But upon opening the box and setting the tree up, Elly quickly came to realise why the price was so low.

The fake tree came with very few branches and the ones that were there were anything but lush.

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Mortified, the New Zealander took to TikTok to share the major flop, leaving people in hysterics.

Demonstrating what she was left with, Elly said: ''I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure Christmas trees are meant to have more branches than that.''

Elly then tried to fluff it up a little bit as per recommendations, but this trick didn't do much and the tree was looking just as sad.

''How does that make it look any better…?''

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For anyone who was considering bagging the ''bargain'' deal, Elly recommended to steer clear of the shop.

''Just save the $19,'' she wrote in the caption of her video.

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It's safe to say, people on social media were just as mortified, with many describing the tree as a popular animated character.

''Omg babe it’s giving Cynthia from Rugrats,'' one person thought.

A second chuckled: ''Minimalism.''

Someone else urged Elly to ask for a refund as soon as possible, writing: ''Omggg take it back.''

''$500 worth of tinsel and shell be right!'' a fourth joked.

Unfortunately, Elly is not the only one to have suffered an epic fail – last year, an Aussie was beyond disappointed after her Christmas tree looked like seaweed.

Lily, whose TikTok bio claims she's a ''writer&director of things'', posted the reveal video on the social media giant – and it has since gone viral, with over 3 million views.

The Aussie writer ordered the festive tree from Kmart – it was advertised as a luscious ''6ft Columbia Pine Christmas Tree'' and cost her $10.

But once the package arrived, Lily could not have been any more disappointed.

''@Kmart Australia, you have some explaining to do,'' she said whilst revealing the product they had shipped to her.

Instead of a stunning tree, Lily was sent a few branches – we counted less than 40.

This was nowhere near enough to make the bottom of the tree full, and even though the price was only $10, it was still a rip-off.

A viewer, who found the situation quite amusing, was quick to point out that the final product looked a lot like seaweed.

But there were also TikTokers who said Lily had got it all wrong and that she had missed a very important part, with one writing: ''Okay I’m sorry buT DO PEOPLE REALLY NOT KNOW YOU NEED TO FLUFF OUT THE TREE???!?''

''Some ppl never got taught how to put up a Xmas tree and it shows lol,'' another critical viewer added.

But someone insisted that ''no amount of fluffing can help this guy''.

''Ok I normally agree with the people who say fluff it cause most cases they haven’t … in this cade there’s nothing to fluff,'' another agreed.

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According to someone, she shouldn't have expected anything else: ''You don’t get a fully sized Xmas tree for $10.

''If you want a “real” fake tree you gotta spend $200+.''

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