I thought I was an OTT mum but then I met another by the swings in the park and realised I needed to step up my game | The Sun

I thought I was an OTT mum but then I met another by the swings in the park and realised I needed to step up my game | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she always considered herself to be an OTT parent – but then she met another by the playground swings.

The woman, called Imogen, shared her hilarious story about a recent trip to the park in a TikTok video.

At the beginning of the post, the dedicated mum explained: "I'm a very over the top parent, I know that. I'm very OTT as a person."

She then revealed how she went to the park at 9am with her daughter and was pushing her on the swings, when another woman arrived with her son.

Imogen explained how she had been pushing her little girl while saying "wooooo! I'm going to get you!"

However, her fellow mum was "amazing" and left her feeling like she should "up my game".


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The woman told her son: "Wait! There's a big spaceship, and it's about to take off…are you ready? Get into the swing….we're going to lift off!"

Imogen said that her own daughter was "in love" with the fellow mum.

She joked: "I was losing my crown of being OTT.

"Honestly the woman was amazing, and I was like we need to leave hun. We're going…because you clearly want this woman to be your mum."

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TikTok users told Imogen that they loved how OTT she wasCredit: imogenation

Her sweet post has received more than 3,300 'likes', with dozens leaving reassuring messages.

One person wrote: "I am this parent. I have a special swing song! 'zoom zoom zoom we're going to the moon, zoom zoom zoom well be there very soon 1,2,3 BLAST OFF WOOOSH.'"

Another commented: "You are too funny! This is so cute."

A third shared: "I love you being OTT as that is you and you are AMAZING."

Meanwhile, a fourth suggested: "We need a collab it would be magical."

And a fifth added: "This made me so happy."

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