I thought I bagged a bargain bed set in Sainsbury’s but everyone’s saying it totally wasn’t worth it | The Sun

I thought I bagged a bargain bed set in Sainsbury’s but everyone’s saying it totally wasn’t worth it | The Sun

A MONEY-SAVING mum has shared her bargain find from Sainsbury's – but not everyone is convinced it was a good deal.

Teresa Cook took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share the budget duvet set she found.

The original set cost £32 for a king size duvet cover and pillows – but the savvy mum picked it up for just £10.

She wrote: "Bought for my daughter on Tuesday and when in Sainsbury’s yesterday saw that the duvet was actually £32 full price. Very happy!"

The image shows a luxurious, deep green tropical print bedding set.

However, along the front of the packaging – where it had been reduced was a note from Sainsbury's workers.


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It read: "no pillow slips."

Despite that, the mum picked it up and was clearly thrilled with her find.

But the post was inundated with hundreds of comments from people pointing out the obvious.

Many revealed they didn't think it was a good bargain becuase it had no matching pillow cases and that they could never take it home to use.

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One wrote: "No pillowcases though?"

Another person commented: "You have no pillowcases."

"Great find if you don’t mind mismatched bedding," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I couldn't do it without the pillowcases."

"Too expensive because no pillowcases," claimed a fifth.

Another wrote: "I'd need the pillow cases but that is why it is your perfect bargain, not mine."

Teresa was quick to hit back at meanies in the comments section.

She replied: "Oh  what a mixed response to my bargain. Entertaining to say in the least.

"People having a hissy fit over the fact there are no matching pillowcase.

"I purchased a pair in a complimentary green in the same brand for £6. So still a bargain at £16 with the cases."

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Others revealed they would have done the same, one added: "So it’s £32 normally she’s got it for £10 I think she can buy two pillow cases cheaper than the extra £22 taken off for no pillow cases, can easy find something to go with it."

Another wrote: "Actually can't believe People keep saying no pillowcases. She can just use plain green ones?"

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