I tested a full face of make-up using only Shein dupes – it cost £100 less & I can’t tell the difference…can you? | The Sun

I tested a full face of make-up using only Shein dupes – it cost £100 less & I can’t tell the difference…can you? | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan filmed herself testing a full face of Shein make-up dupes and they looked so much like the designer buys, you could save yourself £100.

Natalie Violette applied designer make-up to one half of her face, and Shein dupes on the other – and she was seriously impressed. 

In a social media clip, she revealed the Shein dupes versus the real deal. 

First, she applied NYX Wonder Stick contour (£11) on the left side of her face and the Shein dupe (£3.50) on the right. 

Blending the products into her skin, she said: “I do like that this one [Shein] is warmer than NYX and texture wise I feel like it has the same amount of creaminess.” 

Next up was blush. 

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Natalie blended Rare Beauty soft pink liquid blush (£22) into her left cheek, and the Shein dupe (similar, £4.49) into her right. 

“The packaging is exactly the same,” she said, dabbing the blush. “Shade wise, I kind of like the dupe one better.

“‘It’s blending the same way and if anything I think this [Shein] is more pigmented than Rare Beauty. 

“Honestly, this is an insane dupe. It looks like the same product – that is crazy.”

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Next, it’s highlighter time. 

“Shein really said copy and paste on this one,” she said. “The comparison is insane.”

Fenty diamond balm costs £32, while Shein’s [similar] dupe is just £2. 

“If you had both of these open and asked me which one was the diamond balm, I really don’t think I’d know,” she said. 

Shein’s naked eyeshadow palette (£7.25) was also super similar to the Urban Decay naked mini palette (£27). 

Meanwhile, the Shein dupe (similar for £4.49) of Maybelline’s lash sensational sky high mascara (£11.99) was impressive for length but not for volume. 

Finally, Natalie tested lip oils. 

“For lips we have the Rare Beauty soft pink tinted lip oil (£20) and her dupe (similar Shein product, £2.50),” she said. 

“This [Shein] is more of a lipstick than an oil.” 

Showing off her final look, the left and right sides of Natalie’s face look identical, except for her lips which feature a more rosy hue. 

Overall, the total price of the designer make-up was about £124, while the Shein dupes cost about £24. 

“Other than the lips  I’d say everything else is honestly very similar. Which side do you guys like more?” she asked her TikTok followers. 

“You slay every make-up look,” said one impressed user.

“You saved my money,” gushed a second. 

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“You should do Temu make-up next,” suggested a third. 

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