I started building a tiny house for a homeless veteran at 16 – now he can move in, it makes me proud to be American | The Sun

I started building a tiny house for a homeless veteran at 16 – now he can move in, it makes me proud to be American | The Sun

A TIKTOKER has shared how she was able to give back with the gift of a tiny home – and a large heart.

The teenager explained that building the house for a homeless veteran made her proud – and more patriotic.

Her American spirit shone through as she painted with purpose.

Natalia (@nataliaaandrade) beamed as she showed the steps it took to build such a meaningful home.

"Designed a tiny house at 16 for homeless veterans," the TikToker exclaimed, as she could be seen painting a wall white with a long, red paint roller.

Wearing a grey T-shirt with her brunette hair pulled into a bun on the top of her head, Natalia explained how she: "Helped start the Big Heroes Tiny Homes Project at my high school."

She also enlisted the help of others – heroes in their own right – who were just as determined to give shelter to someone who had served their country.

The volunteers and construction workers who helped to gift the home to a veteran in need could be seen caulking baseboards and taking appliances out of boxes.

She then proudly took followers on a tour of the tiny space that featured freshly placed hardwood floors, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a wooden dining table.

"I'm now 18, and the tiny house is built and ready for its veteran," she said, as she continued to give a glimpse of the home's cozy comforts, including a luxe living area.

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The space-saving yet stylish space was also complete with a flatscreen TV, sofa, ceiling fan, a decoratively appointed chest, and a few framed pictures on the walls.

As she showed the newly updated bathroom – already stocked with towels, and grey and white shower curtains – Natalia, now in a mustard colored-shirt, gave a little wave.

"Never doubt what you are capable of accomplishing! And shoot for the stars," she said proudly, as she gave a final look at the outside of the home for a veteran who would soon be homeless no longer.

The exterior of the tiny patriotic palace featured wood panels, an American flag, and a wreath that proudly showed off the red, white, and blue stars and stripes that have come to symbolize freedom.

There was even a ramp, bench, and greenery to make the outside of the tiny home feel even homier.

The video garnered high praise from viewers.

"My admiration for you right now is inexplicable. I'm 16 and have not done anything close to this," expressed one follower.

"Aw that’s so sweet!! Trust me, if you pick something and work hard at it you can accomplish so much many great things! Never give up!" the TikToker replied, as she added in some words of wisdom.

"That’s awesome! Your heart is in all the right places," added another impressed fan of the young lady.

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