I spent five years shredding pounds and look completely different now – but trolls say my new body is gross

I spent five years shredding pounds and look completely different now – but trolls say my new body is gross

A WOMAN who lost a whopping 14 stone has revealed that mean trolls call her new body ''gross''.

Kahlil Doucette, from Canada, spent around five years shedding pounds after her excess weight was negatively affecting her health – and now the 28-year-old looks like a ‘'completely different person’'.

But despite her efforts to lose weight and put her health first, the woman has received nasty comments about a condition she has called Lipoedema, Daily Star reported.

According to the NHS website, Lipoedema leaves people with an ''abnormal build-up of fat'' in their legs and sometimes arms.

Although Kahlil is now more confident about her new body, the Canadian TikTok star is often targeted with cruel remarks about her appearance – but now she's had enough and has hit back.

In a clip that has racked up a whopping 4,2 million views in just a day, the beauty, who had had a gastric sleeve surgery, rocked a white top under a black strappy skater dress that revealed her thighs and legs.

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Alongside the footage, read text that said that she is “literally just existing”.

Kahlil then wrote: “People [express] how gross my body is.”

“Unsolicited comments on people's bodies aren’t the vibe y’all,” the stunning woman captioned the viral video.

Repulsed by the rude remarks, many jumped to comments to show support and complimented her new body.

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''I always learned; never comment on things people can’t change. Just makes them feel bad,'' said someone.

Another agreed, writing: ''not my body= not something to have an opinion on.''

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''Ppl [People] really need to educate themselves,'' a fellow user joined the conversation.

''My Aunty has lipedema but she is one of the most beautiful people I know. U r absolutely gorgeous girl [sic].''

Replying to those wondering if she will get a surgery for her legs, Kahlil said: ''I really, really want to get surgery on my legs.

''But I live in BC [British Columbia] Canada and it's extremely expensive because it's not covered by medical and it's probably going to be around $20,000.''

Desperate for the operation, the 28-year-old has also set up a GoFundMe.

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''It can be very uncomfortable and makes it incredibly hard to show any difference in my weight-loss in my legs.

''Honestly anything helps as skin removal can be super expensive plus painful but I am willing to take the risk to be the healthiest and most confident version of myself so please join my journey as I appreciate your support greatly!''

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