I spent £200 on the North Face jacket to look cool like everyone else but I ended up looking like a Ninja Turtle instead | The Sun

I spent £200 on the North Face jacket to look cool like everyone else but I ended up looking like a Ninja Turtle instead | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA was left mortified after forking out for the viral North Face puffer jacket only to end up looking like a Ninja Turtle.

It's the clothing piece that's taken over our social media feeds for the last few years – the North Face puffer jacket.

One of those who wanted to jump on this trend was TikTok user Eliza (@eliz0r_) – she was desperate to look cool just like everyone else, so spent several hundreds on the item.

To ensure she stands out, the shopper opted for the jacket in a dark green and black print and purchased it in a men's small.

But little did she know things would not go to plan and the garment would look anything but fashionable on her.

The mortified shopper took to TikTok to share the disastrous fail, leaving people in hysterics.


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At the start of the now-viral video, the student had inserted images of fellow fashion fans rocking the jacket – and they all looked fabulous.

However, unlike them, Eliza reckoned the puffer jacket made her look like ''a f***ing teenage ninja mutant turtle''.

''This is why I get no man,'' the style enthusiast wrote over the clip.

But fortunately for Eliza, dozens of internet users flocked to comments to share their hacks on how to make the jacket more flattering.

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One insisted: ''The hood kills the look.

''I never use mine and yeah you’ve go to pull the two string at the bottom and I got a size small even tho I’m a medium.''

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Another one advised Eliza to steer clear from making a crucial mistake: ''DONT ZIP IT [sic].''

Meanwhile, others couldn't stop laughing at the blunder, with one joking: ''One of the mandem.''

''Looking like you gonna sell tyres and publish a guide of places to eat,'' someone else chuckled.

Speaking of fashion fails, another style fan ended up looking like a Christmas tree after forking out for a cute set from Shein.

Looking to replenish her wardrobe, Brittini Rae decided to have a look on Shein when she stumbled across a cosy lounge set in khaki.

The set – comfy shorts and a knitted long-sleeve top – was on sale and retailed for just under £15.

The deal was too good to miss, and the mum immediately bagged the items.

But upon trying them on, the excitement vanished in seconds, as the bottoms were longer than originally planned and the top was not much more flattering either.

''I look like a Christmas tree,'' Brittini quickly noted uploading a clip of the unsuccessful try-on haul.

Fortunately, it seems that she has learnt from her mistakes, as she later revealed the two-piece had no reviews.

''I was shocked by not looking like the girl in the photo with it on,'' the fashion-loving mum added.

With more than a whopping 1.5million views, the clip has since taken the internet by storm, leaving people in hysterics.

But whilst many like Brittini found the situation amusing, plenty of social media users said the khaki set looked good on her.

''I like the top! I would just wear it with tighter fitting shorts!'' wrote one person.

Another agreed, adding: ''I really like it! It looks cute on you.''

Some also took to comments to explain why this might've happened, with people claiming there's a trick the industry uses at photoshoots.

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