I picked up a £6 bargain for my new pad for privacy instead of panic buying curtains, it was a total game changer | The Sun

I picked up a £6 bargain for my new pad for privacy instead of panic buying curtains, it was a total game changer | The Sun

MOVING house is an exciting time in life, but it can also come with a lot of stress. 

It’s easy to panic buy essentials without truly considering the kind of aesthetic or interior design you want for your place. 

And before you know it, you’ve mismatched all your furniture, walls and accessories – creating chaos in what’s meant to be your safe haven. 

Known as @pickledp1nk on TikTok, or simply P, one woman explained that she’d just moved home and desperately needed some curtains but wasn’t sure what to get and didn’t want to splash out on something out of impulse. 

“I have a life hack for if you’re moving house and you don’t know whether to commit to curtains, blinds, whatever, but you need something up because you’re exposed, like the world can see you,” she started her clip. 

Explaining that she was in B&Q, where she had a “meltdown” over what curtains to get, she questioned whether she could even put them up herself. 


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P then called her mum for advice as she said: “I was like, ‘I don’t want to spend like £30 or £40 on curtains. But I also don’t want to be seen by the outside world, I want to sleep in peace.’ 

“She says, ‘Go to the bathroom section,’ and I said, ‘What the f*** are you talking about?’” 

Her mum repeated herself, instructing her to go to the bathroom section, where P found £4 bathroom curtains that people can’t see through. 

“Does it look good? No. But does it hide me while I decide what I want to do? Yes.” 

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She then corrected herself, explaining that she got it from Dunelm and not B&Q at all. 

“You get a £6 little rod thing that goes up, just using tension. Done,” she said. “Take your time to decide on your aesthetic, girls.” 

The scene then changed to the outside of her building, where she looked out the window through her shower curtains. 

“#lifehacks for indecisive broke girlies who have just moved home,” she wrote in the caption. 

People have mixed feelings about her hack as one person referenced the cult classic film American Psycho as they wrote: “it’s giving patrick bateman i love it”. 

Another warned: “Watch out though there is nothing more permanent than a temporary fix! I’m still living with so many of them.” 

While another gushed: “Omg genius! Also there £5 black out paper blinds and white privacy blinds from Ikea and they are acc so handy for the mean time too!!” [sic] 

A fourth shared: “I wish I thought of this bc the first night I cut open a bin bag and sellotaped it to the window. Despite times and limited resources”. [sic] 

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