I ordered 5 pairs of jeans in the exact same size but the fit varied hugely – some wouldn’t even do up | The Sun

I ordered 5 pairs of jeans in the exact same size but the fit varied hugely – some wouldn’t even do up | The Sun

A WOMAN demonstrated just how confusing clothing sizes can be by modeling a selection of jeans from different brands.

Though they all had the same size on the tag, some fit perfectly while others wouldn't go up her legs.

Because Selina Tossut, better known as Selly, is a nutritionist, most of her 1.2million followers come to her TikTok page for food content.

But in a recent video, Tossut got real about a topic that many of her clients are sensitive about: the wide disparities in clothing sizing.

She tried on five pairs of jeans, each in a size four, to prove that "size says nothing about you."

First, she tugged on a pair of skinny, light-wash jeans from the brand Roy Roger's.


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Tossut ranked them a 1/10 on her scale. Even though she was able to pull the pants up her body, she was unable to zip them around her hips.

She had better luck with the next pair, straight-leg denim from the brand Stradivarius.

The distressed jeans broke Tossut's approval scale, receiving a 12/10 for the way they fit her.

Three pairs from the brand Asos resulted in completely different fits – and only one pair of jeans was a keeper.

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Trying on her first Asos pair, Tossut got temporarily stuck with the snug jeans around her thighs.

She turned to capture the back view and had to censor it because the ill-fitting jeans left her totally exposed.

The vlogger ranked those jeans a -99/10, the negative score reflected in her grimacing face and thumbs-down.

But the next pair from Asos – in the exact same size – did fit.

Tossut only ranked them a 4/10 because they were tight around her waist, but she wasn't trapped in them.

And the vlogger had her Goldilocks moment when she tried on a third pair from Asos, and found they were just right.

The final pair received a 10/10 score. Tossut grinned from ear to ear as she showed off the perfect pair of jeans.

"Clothing sizes don’t define you," she gently reminded followers in the video description.

Commenters spoke up about their shared experiences with tricky jeans sizing and thanked Tossut for being so candid.

"A couple weeks ago I bought a size 12 jeans at H&M because my last one was a 12 too," one viewer recalled.

"Well guess what?" she continued. "I thought I gained 20 pounds because it didn‘t fit at all."

"My head has been spinning in circles about the weirdest things but this actually helped quiet me down," another commenter said. "Thank you."

Tossut wanted to remind her followers that having trouble fitting into clothes isn't a signal to panic or start a crash diet, and her fans definitely picked up the message.

"The clothes are supposed to fit you," a commenter wrote. "You’re not supposed to fit the clothes."

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