I lived with no heating for four years – here’s what you need to wear to stay warm, including a must-have from Primark | The Sun

I lived with no heating for four years – here’s what you need to wear to stay warm, including a must-have from Primark | The Sun

MANY of us are planning to keep warm without turning the heating on this winter.

The cost of living crisis and the rising cost of energy bills means many families are worried about how they'll keep warm.

But one woman, who has lived without heating for four years has revealed exactly what you need to wear in order to not feel the cold.

And there's an absolute must-have you need to snap up in Primark.

Taking to TikTok, Klaire De Lys, from the UK, revealed her top tips.

She said: "So you can't turn the heating on because it's bloody freezing, luckily I have experience in this, four years of experience."


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First Klaire recommends getting a pair of leggings and advice against buying merino wool.

She adds that not only are they expensive, but will wear down quickly as you'll be wearing them all the time.

Instead, she suggests picking up a cheap viscose pair from Primark and sizing up by a size to make sure they don't wear out as quickly.

Next, Klaire recommends picking up lots of cheap oversized t-shirts, and adds they'll be cheaper to buy in the men's clothing section.

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"You want them baggy so they create a bit of an air pocket, you do not want them skin tight," she adds.

You can add a skin-tight layer underneath to create more layers but by creating an air pocket you'll stay warmer.

She also suggests grabbing a big baggy coat to wear around the house, and making sure your feet are covered at all times by wearing socks or slippers.

Lastly, Klaire recommends picking up a snood – a tube-like piece of fabric that goes around the neck.

She adds if you can't afford to buy one try cutting up a pair of old leggings and using that.

The video has since gone viral with over 75k views and many people took to the comments to thank her for her tips.

One wrote: "This is fantastic advice that's actually doable!"

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Another user commented: "This is super helpful! thank you for sharing."

A third penned: "Thank you so much for the tips!"

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