I lived with no heating for four years – here's what you need to stay warm at night | The Sun

I lived with no heating for four years – here's what you need to stay warm at night | The Sun

THE RISE in energy bills means many of us are eager to find ways to keep warm without turning the heating on.

And one woman, who has lived with no heating for FOUR YEARS has revealed the steps you need to take to keep warm at night.

Taking to TikTok, Klaire De Lys, from the UK, started a video series discussing ways to keep warm this winter.

She said: "How to stay warm at night without turning the heating on, the most obvious thing is, you're going to want a hot water bottle."

Klaire suggested getting a cover for them and explained: "If you go to bed very very cold your body's not that great at telling youyou're getting burnt and it's quite surprising how quickly you'll burn yourself without realising."

If you don't have a hot water bottle cover, use an old t-shirt and wrap it around the water bottle.


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Klaire revealed you should make sure to put it under your duvet before going to bed.

Another tip Klaire shared is that your duvet should be bigger than your bed – if you have a single bed, get a double duvet.

She said: "It's going to give you more blanket to wrap up in and that's going to make a huge difference."

Getting a wool duvet is expensive, and Klaire took two years to save up for one – but she reveals you can add a heavy blanket on top of your duvet to help keep yourself insulated during the night.

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"The thing you are looking for is weight, what you can do is pop it over the bed and will be a second blanket that goes over," she revealed.

Viewers quickly took to the comments to praise Klaire for her tips and share their own.

One wrote: "I put a fluffy blanket under the Heavy one to trap more air between the layers and save more heat."

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Another person commented: "My summer duvet goes on top of the mattress in winter. saves on storage."

A third penned: "An open sleeping bag under the duvet is also great to keep you warm."

Btw, the water bottle is called Hoo. #staywarm #costofliving #noheating

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