I lived in a tiny home – it was comfy for me and my dog but the bathroom situation was a total disaster | The Sun

I lived in a tiny home – it was comfy for me and my dog but the bathroom situation was a total disaster | The Sun

A MAN has revealed that he has given up on tiny-home living, and called the experience a 'total disaster.'

The man has been traveling across the US in his van alongside his dog.

Will (@willandrambo) has built up an impressive following on Youtube documenting his experience of 'van-life'.

However, he has now revealed in a video that he is selling his tiny home and moving into an apartment with his dog Rambo.

As Will didn't have a bathroom in his van, he had to go elsewhere to shower and use the toilet.

He said that this was a less-than-ideal situation.

"I got tired of using public restrooms and public showers," Will explained.

"A lot of the times I would go in there and the place would be dirty and I didn't like the experience I had," he continued.

Now living in an apartment, he said "It's great to be able to walk to your bathroom and use it, instead of having to walk to a public facility."

He called the overall ordeal a "total disaster" in the video's caption.

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However, despite its setbacks, Will said that he genuinely enjoyed tiny-home living.

"It's a very cozy place to be inside, Rambo's pretty comfortable, it's a small tiny little 30-foot home, it really is!" he said in the clip.

"The main reason [why I'm moving out] is my business has been in decline for the past two years," he explained.

"I have to feed myself, my business is very important and Youtube doesn't pay the bills," he continued.

Will runs an e-commerce business and told followers he needed to stay in one place to run it successfully.

Now living in an apartment, he said that there are things he appreciates like never before post-van-life.

"The things you take for granted when you live in a home or apartment are something you really appreciate now," he said.

"For example, sitting on the couch with a remote control in your hand and a 50-inch television," he gushed.

"It's really awesome to kick back, lay your feet on the ottoman, walk to the refrigerator, and walk back," he told his followers.

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