I live full-time in a van with my ex, my current partner & my three children, trolls say it isn’t healthy but we love it | The Sun

I live full-time in a van with my ex, my current partner & my three children, trolls say it isn’t healthy but we love it | The Sun

NO FAMILY is the same as the next.

But one woman, who lives with her ex, her current partner and three children has shocked people online with her unique living situation.

Nadine, 34, from Germany, has lived in a campervan full-time for six years, alongside her ex-husband, Sacha, current boyfriend, Alex, and three children.

While the family is more than happy with the dynamic, trolls online say it isn't 'healthy' for the kids.

In a TikTok video posted to their account, Wild Family Life, Nadine revealed that having a healthy relationship with her ex-husband was a good thing for the kids.

She wrote: "Having a nontoxic relationship with your ex is super important for the kids! We‘re good friends and travel together with my boyfriend.


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"We don’t have a relationship to my ex. We‘re all good friends which turned out to be very good for all our 3 children.

"It‘s not impossible to come along and show our kids how good humans can work together if they want to."

Her two eldest children are from her past relationship, and her youngest is with her current partner, but all of them are cared for by the three adults as they travel the world.

Nadine revealed that her kids are also homeschooled to allow them to travel around, and the family is currently in Spain.

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Many were confused by the situation and Nadine explained in a video: "They are both parents of my children."

"We just take care of each other," she captioned the video.

However, not everyone is convinced the setup is good and the family has faced criticism from trolls online.

One jibbed: "Must be healthy for the kids…"

Another remarked: "This world is sick."

A third commented: "I don't think it's that cool! But your choice."

But there were plenty of people that saw the perks of a blended family and praised the parents for their co-parenting style.

One wrote: "healthy co-parenting."

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"Yes this is unconditional love people," a second person agreed.

A third penned: "This is amazing, like you guys are just so full of love."

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