I know my curves are beautiful but my date went off me when he saw my hips, bum & tummy – it’s his loss | The Sun

I know my curves are beautiful but my date went off me when he saw my hips, bum & tummy – it’s his loss | The Sun

A YOUNG woman who was dumped by her curve-hating boyfriend is rising from the ashes of her relationship.

It’s been a tough old ride for this TikToker, but she knows she is worth more.

Madison (@maddybugs.02) is a curvy woman, but she discovered not everyone is in love with a voluptuous body.

She had to suffer the indignity of her boyfriend saying it was not to his liking.

The Alicia Silverstone lookalike posts her video from the driver’s seat of her car.

It’s an apt location because this young lady is definitely in the driving seat from this point forward.

Blonde hair pulled back in sweet braids, she begins her post.

“He was into you until he saw the rest of your body,” captions the video.

She’s smiling, because she’s over it now, but nonetheless, his body shaming of her was cruel.

“Funny how some hips, and a ** makes and a little tummy makes someone change their whole perspective on you," she says.

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Madison rises above his ill-behaviour: “I’m more than just a head and body.”

She rounds off her post with a triumphant clarion call.

“His loss. Honestly my curves are beautiful.”

There was a lot of love to her post with over 53,000 likes and nearly 300 comments.

They were overwhelmingly sweet and supportive.

“He is literally the dumbest boy alive. Like he doesn’t deserve to be called a man for letting one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen go.”

“Girl f*ck him, you’re gorgeous," was the strong rebuke of another.

Hold on to the hope said one fan: “One day you’ll find a man who thinks curves are the cherry on top.”

A reminder that there was nothing wrong with her body: “Curves are beautiful baby girl, I wish I was curvy.”

Nothing wrong with you, said one: “You are beautiful. And if someone can’t see that then they’re not worth it.”

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Similarly this viewer said: “You’re so gorgeous. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.”

Finally rounding up was this comment: “You’re so pretty. We won’t let these type of men invalidate how we feel about ourselves.”

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