I hated that my neighbours could see into my room so I used a £2 bargain to stop it – it was so easy, anyone can do it | The Sun

I hated that my neighbours could see into my room so I used a £2 bargain to stop it – it was so easy, anyone can do it | The Sun

A DIY pro has revealed how she was sick of the lack of privacy in her bedroom, so decided to transform them using a £2 bargain from Shein – and people are obsessed with the final result. 

Alexis took to TikTok to share her simple solution after clocking that her neighbours could see right into her bedroom. 

The crafty content creator used Shein's Rainbow Window Film 3D Ecology Glass Vinyl, now priced at just £2.75 – and was obsessed with the final result. 

Known online as @alexisfrazzz, she regularly shares bargain hauls, beauty tips, and DIY ideas with her 160,500 followers. 

In a new reel, she said: “Let’s make something pretty. 

“Okay, so in my room, I have this giant window.


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"This is it, but as you can see, it goes right into my neighbours’ backyards, and my bed’s right there so some privacy would be nice. 

“So I bought a bunch of this film. It’s basically going to go on the window like this. 

“I have no idea if it’s going to work, but we’re gonna try.”

During the two-and-a-half-minute video, Alexis shares the large glass sliding doors that open onto a patio – and showed how she transformed them using her bargain buy in a matter of minutes. 

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She continued: “I’m maybe feeling like I didn’t get enough, but I bought these from Shein for like $2 which isn’t bad because it’s a section that’s this big.”

Unfortunately, she did encounter a small hiccup, forgetting to remove the film plastic film stuck to one side of the vinyl. 

However, once she’d finished the DIY, she was thrilled with the end result and added: “Here is what I was able to get done today. I do need to order some more, missing a square, but I love it.”

Fans loved her crafty hack, with the video gaining more than 7,600 likes and 150,200 views. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I'm gonna do this on my sunroof in my car.”

“I’m obsessed! I need the blinds open for natural light but I hate thinking ppl can see inside my home,” shared another. 

A third joked: “I am far too nosey to do that.”

Others shared their own tips to make the vinyl stay in place, with another adding: “I got these use clear nail polish on the ends that curl up if they do. It helps keep it down.”

Although not all were impressed, with someone else commenting: “What a waste of a nice view in the morning, should get the film where you can see out but that it like a mirror from the outside!”

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