I had an affair with a MUCH older married man while at uni – I regret it but it was the best sex of my life – The Sun

I had an affair with a MUCH older married man while at uni – I regret it but it was the best sex of my life – The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed she had an affair with a married man for more than a year and it was the best sex of her life.

The 21-year-old woman said she met the charming older guy when she was in a bar and their adulterous relationship led to sex in cars, lunch dates and lots of lies.

She lifted the lid on the illicit relationship on Mamamia as a cautionary tale to others getting involved in affairs.

The woman said she had quickly fallen for the charms of the 32-year-old businessman, who was 11 years older than her.

He had been open that he had a stay-at-home wife, but said he wanted to have her number so they could be “friends”.

However, things went to the next level when they met up to go to the cinema in the day, where they kissed for the first time.

She wrote: “We had sex in his car a few days later. After that, we started seeing each other almost every day – he'd come to my apartment being heading home from the office and we'd have the best sex of my life.”

While she knew about his marriage, she said she became addicted to the thrill and danger of the affair.

In order to hide his married status, she had to lie to her friends and family, and it wasn’t long before she started to develop feelings for him.

She said: “One day I told him I loved him, and he said it back. After we said I love you, the sex got even better.”

He'd come to my apartment being heading home from the office and we'd have the best sex of my life.

In hindsight, she admitted that her feelings were simply that of a young girl infatuated with an older man, and the result of being insecure.

He had second thoughts too, and said he regretted saying he loved her.

The moment was a wake-up call for the woman, who then started to make herself less available to him and even started dating other people.

Deep down, she knew that he would not leave his family for her, and their relationship made the subtle switch from dates to just sex.


According to Superdrug's Online Doctor, the most common reason why men are unfaithful is simple: the other person was just really hot.

According to a shocking survey of 2,000 adulterers, European blokes stray because they can't resist the temptation of the other person.

However, the second most common justification for cheating was more emotional, with many men saying they decided to be unfaithful because the other person was really there for them.

This is similar to the main justification given by European women, whose number one reason for straying was that their partner wasn't paying them enough attention.

Among male love rats, sex proved to be an issue as well, with the third most common reason for cheating being that their partner isn't giving them enough.

With boredom the fourth justification, the fifth was that their partner stopped paying attention to them.

While they kept their bedroom life active, the woman admitted she felt hate towards him.

She said: “I'd constantly throw his marriage in his face. I'd make comments about how good men don't lie to the mother of their children. Good men don't cheat on their wives.”

Finally things fizzled when they both started sleeping with other people and she grew weary of his lies.

She added: “Anyone who has been in a toxic relationship knows how hard it is to leave. But after several tries, with pain and tears, I finally blocked his number and never spoke to him again.”

She advised other women to not mistake lust for love and said ultimately the experience was not worth it.

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