I got the Dyson Airwrap dupe from Revolution – I wanted to love it as it’s £380 cheaper & here are my honest thoughts | The Sun

I got the Dyson Airwrap dupe from Revolution – I wanted to love it as it’s £380 cheaper & here are my honest thoughts | The Sun

THE DYSON Airwrap has been the must-have hair tool for the last couple of years.

But it's a huge investment to buy, costing almost £500, but it seems a new dupe is out on the market.

Beauty influencer – Graces Faces was sent over the new Revolution Hair Wrap dupe which costs £99.99 to see just how well it stood up to the original Dyson Airwrap.

The Dyson hair tool costs £479.99 – meaning you'd save £380 buying the cheaper one – but was it worth it?

Grace said: "Revolution has supposedly dupes the Dyson Airwrap, we can all see that this is what it's meant to be."

Grace had the Dyson Airwrap as well so she could do a side-by-side comparison of the products.


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The first thing to note is that the curling barrel on the Revolution hair tool is about half the size of the Dyson one, it also only spins in one direction unlike the Dyson attachment which goes both ways.

The wind and speed settings are combined into one control on the Revolution tool whereas the Dyson one has two buttons to control each one.

Grace then tried out the Revolution hair tool on her hair, instead of the tool suctioning your hair to the barrel it instead makes it very difficult for Grace's hair to stay on the barrel.

She said: "It literally just wants to shoot your hair off the top of the barrel."

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"I seriously don't understand how this has passed testing," Grace added.

"I don't understand why it won't grip the hair onto the barrel, that is the whole point of the air wrap, also it is extremely hot," she noted.

Grace ended the video saying she was sent the Hair Wrap to review and that she would not be happy if she had spent £100 on the product.

The video has since been viewed over 550k times, and viewers thanked Grace for honest review of the product.

One wrote: "I was so hoping you were going to love this I just can’t justify the money on the air wrap."

Grace replied: "I was hoping I would too!"

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Another person commented: "Fair play for being so honest, so many people wouldn’t be."

A third penned: "the barrel is so short, it would be fine for someone with really short hair, anything longer than shoulder length good luck lol."

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