I got pregnant at 14 & now have 10 more – I'm expecting again & no we don't use contraception

I got pregnant at 14 & now have 10 more – I'm expecting again & no we don't use contraception

A MUM-of-11 who fell pregnant with her first baby when she was just 14 years old has revealed she is expecting a 12th child.

Veronica Merritt, now 36, from New York, shared her exciting news in an Instagram Reel this weekend.

Using the hashtag #12kids, the mum posted a video from her sonogram appointment – despite a sign underneath the monitor asking people not to record anything.

Unable to contain her excitement, Veronica wrote: "Unjust rules must be broken. Or something like that."

Veronica was still in school when she fell pregnant with her eldest child Victoria – who is now 21.

Since then, she's gone on to have Andrew, 16, Adam, 15, Mara, 13, Dash, 12, Darla, 10, Marvelous, eight, Martalya, six, Amelia, four, Delilah, three, and Donovan, one.


Speaking exclusively to Fabulous earlier this year, Veronica explained how she married and then subsequently divorced the father of her eldest two children.

The mum then married second husband Marty, 37, and the couple have gone on to have seven more children.

Veronica, who shares details of her massive family on Instagram and TikTok, says she never uses contraception due to her health conditions.

She said: "I graduated high school with honors, I attempted college but got sick both times –  I have kidney disease and lost my kidney last year.”

What's more, the mum said she'd ultimately like to have 17 kids.

Veronica continued: “Some of the children were planned. But I can't take hormonal birth control because my illness means I am prone to blood clots.

“I haven’t ruled out more children. I would like to have six more. I have spent eight-and-a-half years pregnant.”

After posting the clip, Veronica's 32,000 followers rushed to congratulate her and her growing family.

One replied: "Congratulations! I don't know how you even handle 11 kids. I can barely handle one as it is…"

Another added: "OMG CONGRATS!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!"

Using the hashtag #cheaperbythedozen, a third replied: "Awww, congrats! Our 12th will be here in March."

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