I got my son’s name tattooed on my arm as a tribute but didn’t realise the fail they’d made until I took the bandage off | The Sun

I got my son’s name tattooed on my arm as a tribute but didn’t realise the fail they’d made until I took the bandage off | The Sun

PLENTY of people get tattoos in tribute to their loved ones.

But one woman was left shocked when she took the bandage off and realised the tattoo artist had made a huge mistake.

Taking to TikTok, Aaryn, from the US, revealed she got a tattoo of her son's name, Michael, on the inside of her left arm.

She said: "Worst case scenario when getting someone's name tattooed on you, come on quickly, what is it?

"It's not breaking up, it's spelling it wrong."

Aaryn then revealed how she ended up getting her son's name tattooed on her incorrectly – and didn't realise until she got home and took the bandage off.


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"Now, imagine you're going to get your children's names tattooed on you and you don't realise after looking at all the stencils to pick the right size that it is spelled wrong."

The mum continued: "They place the stencil, you still don't f***ing see it.

"They tattoo the f***ing thing on you and you still don't see it."

She revealed it wasn't until she was home and decided to take pictures of her new ink that she realised her son's name was spelled Micheal instead of Michael.

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Aaryn's video has gone viral with over 150k views and people quickly took to the comments to offer ways to solve the issue and revealed their own tattoo fails.

One wrote: "I noticed it when you started talking, I was like “that’s a weird way to spell Michael”."

Another person penned: "Easy fix. Change his name."

A third added: "It's okay lol my dad, he asked my son to spell his name so he can go get it tattooed well, he did. And my child spelled it wrong."

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Meanwhile, a fourth suggested: "Just change his name at this point."

"Lol! My cousin got her son’s birthday wrong and it was her fault," a fifth claimed.

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