I got my first tattoo and instantly regretted it – it looks like a black blob | The Sun

I got my first tattoo and instantly regretted it – it looks like a black blob | The Sun

A TIKTOKER shared her biggest tattoo regret after getting her first inking that resembles a "black blob" behind her ear.

Paige, known as @paaaiiigee on Tiktok, upload the video with the caption, "I got this tattoo 3 years ago and I regret it daily".

In the clip, she shows her followers the tattoo design she requested before cutting to the tattoo she actually got.

It shows a dainty rose tattoo in a discrete spot just behind the earlobe with thin lines.

It's clear the tatt is nothing like the original design – being much larger in size and a lot darker.

Replying in the comments she brands her inking the "black blob" before confessing, " I cry about it more than I wanna admit LMAO".


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Further down in the comments a follower asks: "Wait but don't they stencil it on first and then you get to approve it?"

Paige replies: "It was my very first tattoo I had no idea so I just let them do whatever & I've never regretted something more."

A mum who had her two daughter's names and dates of birth tattooed on her ankle also spotted a major error with her inking.

While the girl's names came out beautifully on mum Toni, the tattoo artist made a major blunder and wrote the birthdate for one of her daughters wrong.

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Toni said she told the tattoo artist about the mistake, but it seemed to be too late.

Her followers found the blunder hilarious, albeit very misfortunate.

One suggested: "If you cover the left bottom bit of the six with your finger it looks like a five! Can you not get that wee tiny dot lasered?"

Another woman definitely got more than she bargained for when she forked out for what should've been an inspirational inking.

The design is of a hand with butterflies and little stars above it, with the words 'you can let it go' underneath.

Although the sentiment might be quite nice, there's a major mistake she missed.

It turns out the hand in the design has six fingers instead of five, which probably wasn't what they were going for.

What's even more strange is it's hard to tell which finger is the extra one, since they all look oddly out of place.

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