I got dress coded at work – I was told my outfit was 'too revealing,' some 50-year-old man got his panties in a bunch | The Sun

I got dress coded at work – I was told my outfit was 'too revealing,' some 50-year-old man got his panties in a bunch | The Sun

A WORKING woman has shared her experience with violating the dress code at work.

The strike came as a shock to the young woman, who said she's worn even more revealing clothes to the office in the past.

Jenny Bonavita is a digital content creator who posts to TikTok under the handle Scooter Kween.

Bonavita is a self-described fashion fan and serial thrifter with chic style.

Her encounter with HR at work began with her wearing baggy jeans and an asymmetrical long sleeve blue top.

The look confused Bonavita as it clearly covered her curves.


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It did have an asymmetrical design, which could have caused an issue if she raised her arms.

The conundrum comes as an ongoing conversation about returning to the office.

Many people are fed up with working from home and see the great return as a way to get dressed up again and socialize with coworkers.

Bonavita had some choice words for those who feel discomfort about showing the side of her torso.

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"Why is this making some 50-year-old man get his panties in a bunch?" she said.

Bonavita also showed another outfit she previously wore to the office which showed more skin and gave her no trouble.

Viewers of the workplace blunder shared their two cents in the comment section of the video.

"Men in my office wear jeans, tshirts, trucker hats and cowboy boots so that’s not business casual," one wrote.

"Men in my office Corporate America is trash," another added. "Sadly that shirt is unacceptable for 99% of corporate workplaces."

"It’s 2022, corporate america business attire is a thing of the past for most companies. My office is 100% casual," Bonavita replied. "This is MY casual."

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