I got a cute crochet micro bikini – it’s so small it’s been compared to an 'eye patch', I'm going to improvise the top | The Sun

I got a cute crochet micro bikini – it’s so small it’s been compared to an 'eye patch', I'm going to improvise the top | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her new micro bikini in a video on TikTok which has left viewers all saying the same thing.

Kerry Renee Carmody is an online content creator and runs an online store called Cerise Designs in which she encourages "confidence" and "spreading positivity."

In a review that she posted on her blog about the tiny bikinis, she called herself "the micro bikini expert" adding that she owns "literally 500 different" ones.

On her TikTok channel (@vidsfromkerrysphone) she shared a clip showing off the latest addition to her micro collection.

In the clip, Kerry calls the tiny bikinis her "summer style."

She holds up a bright blue crochet micro top with tiny patches to partially cover her breasts and then held up the bottoms which are equally unsupportive.

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Kerry calls the so-called bikini "super cute" and showed another bottom that arrived in the mail with it.

She said: "I don't think it came with a top so I'm just gonna have to improvise."

One viewer commented saying: "I don't think the bottom came with a bottom either."

Both bottoms featured a tiny triangle patch of crochet and coming off it was some thread to loop underneath like a thong and two pieces to tie together on both hips.

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One bemused viewer commented: "Girl that's an eye patch" as followers called her a "brave soul."

Others said the same thing asking "why is she holding up eye patches?"

"What's that meant to cover?" a confused viewer commented.

Another joked that the micro bikini has "gotta be a joke."

The U.S. Sun previously reported on another online content maker who showed viewers her micro bikini haul.

The teacher-turned-model said that her favorite black number from the shop was basically just "some fabric and fishing line."

Meanwhile, a swimwear designer has hit out at the Skims micro bikini.

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