I gave birth at 22 & fell pregnant eight weeks later – I didn't know I was having Irish twins until I was 20 weeks gone | The Sun

I gave birth at 22 & fell pregnant eight weeks later – I didn't know I was having Irish twins until I was 20 weeks gone | The Sun

A YOUNG MUM who gave birth aged 22 has told of her shock after falling pregnant again just eight weeks later.

Saffron Bramwell, from Dewsbury, is engaged to Benjamin, who is the father of her two children – daughter Arabella, who is nearly two, and son Adonis, 11 months. 

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, the 24-year-old told how she was excited to finally leave hospital and return home after giving birth to her daughter, only to fall pregnant again eight weeks later.

But here comes a further twist in the story…

Saffron didn't find out she was expecting Irish twins – a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart – until she was 20 weeks gone with her second.

The mum-of-two, whose babies were born 11 months apart, says she and Benjamin had been together for six years when she fell pregnant with her firstborn, Arabella, when she was 21.


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"The first pregnancy was planned," explains Saffron, who was working as a receptionist at the time.

"We'd wanted our own child after being together for a while.

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"I had no symptoms with my first pregnancy, I just knew.

"We only tried for a month or two so it happened very quickly, but we were over the moon and felt so lucky."

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"My family were happy and knew we'd be great parents regardless of my age because it's something we'd always dreamt of."

She adds: "I didn't receive any judgement for being a young mum because we'd been happily together for some time prior to wanting children, lived together since I was 17 and was financially stable enough to have a baby."

On 3rd April 2021 her daughter Arabella was born, and Saffron couldn't wait to leave hospital and start their new life together as a family-of-three.

"It was crazy leaving hospital for the first time," Saffron recalls.

"I was happy to finally not be pregnant because it felt like forever with us being in lockdown still.

"Becoming a mum was a crazy change with a lot of emotions, but all of them happy ones.

"The sleepless nights were all worth it and our daughter was the most content baby so we had it easy compared to some."

But when Arabella was 28-weeks-old, Saffron and Benjamin had no idea their lives were about to change once again.

"I wasn't having periods for a while and the doctors had referred me for a scan to check for any problems," she says.

"However, the day before I was due to have this done I remember putting my daughter to sleep in her crib at night and then laying down to go to sleep.

"I felt what I could only describe as a kick inside of me.

"I woke up the next working and said to my fiancé, 'Ben, last night I had movements in my stomach like when I was pregnant with Arabella.'"

But with the pair previously been told it's not "unusual" to experience such feelings so shortly after giving birth, Ben passed it off as being phantom.

While he headed off to work not thinking much else of it, Saffron still "had a feeling" she just couldn't shake.

She explains: "I didn't have a bump but my body was still recovering from having Arabella and I knew what I felt and that I'd felt that before, so I went to go buy a pregnancy test.

"Astonishingly within seconds it came back positive."

It was crazy and a whirlwind of emotions with us mostly worrying about how difficult it would be having two under the age of one

"I couldn't believe it as my daughter was still a baby."

When Ben got home from work later that day, Saffron was already on the phone to her midwife.

"The test he saw on the side was positive and while he was so shocked and overwhelmed, he reacted well and comforted me," the mum-of-two says.

"We were unbelievably shocked but I still knew I felt a baby, so I expressed to Ben I must be further along, and not early in the pregnancy."

Eager to know for sure, the couple managed to book in for a scan that very same day.

But while the pregnancy alone was a big enough shock for the young couple, nothing could've prepared Saffron for the news she was about to hear.

"Just a few hours after the test came back positive, I found out I was indeed pregnant…but I was 20 weeks, with a baby boy," she explains.

"Obviously finding all of this out in just one day with a very young baby was crazy."

Saffron soon did the maths and realised she must've conceived just eight weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

"Although I was nervous with how to break the news to everyone else and how little time we had to prepare, I was over the moon," she says.

"I knew my little boy was meant to be and I'm a firm believer in every child is a blessing."

Still, with a 28-week-old daughter to look after, that didn't stop Saffron from having some understandable worries.

"It was crazy and a whirlwind of emotions, with us mostly worrying about how difficult it was going to be having two under the age of one," says Saffron, who shares her parenting journey on TikTok (@saffronelizabethxx).

"Another main concern was how little the property was that were were in at the time.

"We knew we needed to find somewhere bigger and somewhere quickly.

"Thankfully we was able to do this.

"I knew it was going to be challenging and that not every day was going to be easy, however I was also so excited to meet my little boy and watch my little girl become a sister."

While Saffron was expecting Irish twins, she'd never heard of the term before.

"I didn't know what Irish twins were at the time," she admits. "But I wasn't on contraception at the very beginning because I always knew I wanted more children eventually.

Every child is a blessing and meant to be here for a reason. I've never had any regrets and never will.

"Once we announced the news to my family, I was made aware of the term 'Irish twins' and what it meant.

"I've loved that term to describe my two blessings ever since."

But despite being delighted by the news, Saffron received some nasty messages from cruel trolls online.

"I did a TikTok saying how I fell pregnant eight weeks after my daughter was born and although most comments were positive, there were one or two who said it was too soon," Saffron explains.

"They said it was a ridiculous age gap and I should've let my daughter be a baby and give her more time before having another.

"However I ignored these as every child is a blessing and meant to be here for a reason.

"I've never had any regrets and never will."

On 22nd March 2022, just 18 weeks after finding out she was pregnant again, Saffron gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Adonis.

Now Saffron, who has two under one, has decided to share her story to reassure other young mums who may be going through something similar.

"To other young mums with babies so close in age, enjoy it as much as you can," she urges.

"They're not babies for very long.

"The crying, the sleepless nights, and the long days ahead are sometimes challenging but I promise you it'll all be worth it as you watch your babies become little best friends."

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She adds: "Don't stress and expect too much of yourself and take any family support you can.

"They are the best gifts of life!"

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