I didn’t spend a penny getting my greasy oven door clean – I had no idea my hack would work but the results were amazing | The Sun

I didn’t spend a penny getting my greasy oven door clean – I had no idea my hack would work but the results were amazing | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has revealed the easy way she was able to clean her oven door without breaking the bank on any products. 

The woman, known as @bermfarmhousedecor on social media, explained that she discovered the hack on Instagram and wanted to try it out for herself. 

Explaining that cleaning the oven door is usually “last on the priority list”, she found the trick very easy to do. 

“So I added baking soda, hot water and I’m going to use aluminium foil to break down the grease,” she shared while adding all the ingredients onto the door. 

She then scrunched up a sheet of the aluminium foil into a ball before going in a circular motion over the glass. 

Using a cloth to wipe off the dirt, she said: “After the first coat, this is the grease that came out, so I did a second coat and the grease was coming right off.


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“I wiped it down and it looks amazing. I highly recommend this hack to clean your oven door.” 

In the caption, she added: “I really wanted to try this cleaning hack for my oven door and I was so happy the way it came out. [sic] 

“I feel like the oven is always last on the priority list to clean but it was so easy to do and definitely recommend.” [sic] 

People were quick to comment on the hack as one person said: “Trying! Need natural solutions, so I don’t have to breathe in toxic fumes”. 

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The woman replied: “Yes! It definitely works and has no chemicals/fumes”. 

Another said they simply “wipe my oven door after each use,” which prevents a build up of grease. 

A third said they: “did it and it worked!” while a fourth vowed to try it for themselves: “I’m going to try this can’t wait for the inside of the oven door video comes!” [sic] 

One person questioned whether the foil scratched the glass, but the woman assured them this did not happen in her experience. 

While others said they did the same with a Brillo pad, which worked just as well. 

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