I did a plus size Shein haul ahead of a cruise ship holiday – but did myself dirty & ended up looking like a pineapple | The Sun

I did a plus size Shein haul ahead of a cruise ship holiday – but did myself dirty & ended up looking like a pineapple | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared a disastrous plus size Shein shopping haul saying one item left her looking like a pineapple. 

Radio presenter Keke ordered some floral dresses and two piece sets from Shein but it sounds like she might have been in a different mindset when she bought them.  

Keke said she was going on a cruise and wanted to find something to wear but she wasn’t sure the clothes she had picked would going to look good.

She said: “Friend, I have to get on a cruise ship in a few hours and I completely played myself with this Shein order. Let's get into it.”

First she tried on a blue floral dress with cut out shoulders and puffed sleeves. 

The fashion fan confessed she wasn’t sure what she was thinking when she ordered it. 

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She said: "Okay, now what was this? Like why would I order all this with this pattern? I look like a plus size pineapple. Like why would I order this?”

“It's giving very much Pina colada. Like if you wanted to be a palm tree Keke, just say that. I don't understand why I would ever buy this?”

Next Keke tried on a blue and purple floral ruffle matching set which she said looked embarrassing. 

She said: “Okay now this is very embarrassing. Oh girl, I don't know if I want to be a praise dancer or selling bananas on the side of the road. What was the reason now?”

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Keke tried on another floral set this time multi coloured with long sleeves.

She said: “Okay, now this. Oooo child. It's giving ‘that 70’s show’. Like what? Why would I ever order this with all these flowers and all these colours? Why would I do this?”

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She said: Now I know the little [out]fit is fitting and I could really put this out on a cruise ship. I might snatch somebody granddaddy or something  because this would have been a hit in the seventies. But it's not giving, girl. I don't understand why would I ever do this to myself?”

After finishing the haul Keke even tried on the first dress again to see if she had changed her mind about it but she still didn’t like it. 

“I think I put the first look back on cause I was desperate trying to make myself like it and it's still just not getting.”

Keke felt her Shein haul was so bad she asked viewers to pray for her.

She said: “I don't know what I'm about to wear on this cruise ship. Y'all pray for your friend cause. What was the reason?”

Keke Shein haul gained over 370,000 views online and even though she wasn’t happy, fans thought she looked great in floral prints. 

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One user said: “Honestly everything looked soooo good on you!!! Especially the colorful flower two piece from the 70’s.”

Another said: “You look fabulous.”

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